Post Office

Departmental Pick-Up

When a department prepares mail for pick-up by the mail route personnel, the mail should be separated by a rubber band into four sections:

  1. All intradepartmental mail
  2. Stamped personal mail and postage paid mail
  3. Mail to be metered. Be sure an account number is attached to this mail.
  4. Standard Mail, (previously called "Bulk Mail"). This mail must be clearly marked and accompanied with a total count, if it's machinable, and must come in postal mail trays.Please visit standard mailing preparation for further instructions.

When the mail is properly sorted, it assists us in preventing delays in the processing. When outgoing mail is ran through the meter, the delivery address is not read by the clerk running the mail. This is why it is important that the mail be sorted between on-campus and off-campus mail. It is not necessary to have mail in zip code order. It is also not necessary for mail to be separated into Rock Hill (local) and out of town if it is First Class mail.