Post Office


Intra-Campus Mail may be used by facility/staff and chartered student organizations. Intra-Campus Mail cannot be used for personal communication. No person or agency not affiliated with Winthrop University may use the Intra-Campus Mail system for any purpose.

Intra-Campus Mail should be addressed in the following manner:

  1. Addressee's name
  2. Department the mail is being delivered to
  3. Building and room number (if desired)

All Intra-Campus Mail is sorted by the department your mail is delivered to and not by an associate department, building, or room number. If you wish to include this information for the benefit of the department, then it must be on the bottom line.

When reusing an interagency envelope, be sure to cross out the previous address on the envelope. While the Winthrop Post Office does not make a practice of opening mail, there are instances when we must, such as when we are unable to process an envelope that is improperly addressed. In such a case, the Post Office Director will open the envelope. Properly addressed mail is never opened.

Mail for students using Winthrop P.O. Boxes must arrive in box order, from lowest to highest. The department or organization name must appear in the upper left hand corner. Mail that is properly prepared will be boxed no later than the next day. All mailings over 50 pieces will be boxed on a time available system. This mail is considered low priority, but will be boxed within three days.