Post Office

Addressing Your Mailing

The accuracy of the recipient's and sender's address can affect the delivery, and handling, of your mail. Additional information and forms can be acquired at the University Post Office or by calling us at 803/323-2293.

City, State, and Zip Code

To find the correct spelling of a city name, or to find a zip code, visit or call 1-800-ASK-USPS. Using the correct zip code helps to direct your mail more efficiently and accurately. You may also call the University Post Office at 803/323-2293 for assistance.

Delivery Address

The 1st line should include the recipient's name. The 2nd line should include the name of the organization or business. If there is no organization or business name, the 2nd or 3rd line (if there is a 2nd line) should include the street address. Use a Post Office Box or street address, but not both. If the address indicates a direction (for instance, "NW" for northwest), be sure to use it. There may be more than one street address for the piece that you are mailing. Apartment or suite numbers should be included on the same line at the end of the street address. The correct apartment or suite number helps to ensure delivery to the right location.

Extra Service

Place labels for extra services, such as Certified Mail, to the left of the postage.

Military Mail

Military Mail must show the grade, full name (with middle name or initial) and PSC number, unit number, or ship name. Replace the city name with "APO" or "FPO", and state with "AA", "AE", or "AP", and use a special zip code.


Use a stamp or postage meter to affix the correct amount.

Restricted Delivery

Restricted delivery confirms that only a specified person will receive a piece of mail. This service is only available if you also purchase Certified Mail, Insured Mail, or Registered Mail.

Return Address

Print or type your address in the upper left corner on the front of the envelope.