Post Office

Metered Mail

Mail to be metered must have the department postal code attached to either each piece of mail via an imprint of the code incorporated in the return address or a card (or paper) that can be placed with the mail when picked up by the route personnel. Any mail received that has a different postal card or account number than the return address will be charged to the return address account, unless the post office has been otherwise notified by the department being charged.

Mail classified as "flats", which includes manila envelopes and mail exceeding 11.5 inches in length and larger than 6 1/8 inches in height, and packages must be labeled with the service desired. Any mail that is not labeled "Priority Rate" will be sent at the lowest rate available for the weight of the piece. This will include "Library Rate" for a flat mailing exceeding 9 ounces.

Air Mail

All letter mail going outside of the 50 states of the United States is sent Air Mail. Although domestic mail often goes by plane it is not to be marked as Air Mail. Any other mail, including Mexico and Canada, must have Air Mail written on the address side of the envelope.

All international mail must be kept separate from domestic mail. When your postal specialists pick up the mail from your department and bring it back to the Post Office, unless campus mail and airmail is banded separately, the mail will be run through the meter at domestic postal rates. When the mail comes in we do not read each address we send through the meter. Unless the mail is properly marked and kept separate, it will receive first class postage according to the weight of the letter. All international packages must have a USPS customs form printed out before mailing.

Letters up to 1 ounce and postcards to all countries, including Mexico and Canada, will cost $1.15. After the weights increase, different country charges will vary.

Library Rate

All mail pertaining to education material may be sent at Library Rate. Although Library Rate should not be used on items weighing less than nine ounces, a very substantial savings can be made on items over nine ounces. 
As you can see, the Library Rate should definitely be considered when mailing items over 9 ounces. Classes and rates can be found by choosing a service for mailing and the postage rate chart. Comparison shopping is always the best option when a budget has to be considered.

Priority Mail

Priority mail is a two to three day service offered by the Post Office, but is not guaranteed. The Federal Post Office does give special handling to Priority Mail and usually gets it delivered within the time suggested. Priority mail also, upon reqest, comes with a free tracking number.

Please contact us and we will provide you with tracking slips to use on your mail.

The Federal Postal Services offers free envelopes and boxes that can be used for all Priority Mail. This can be very beneficial for departments who are budget conscious, as the shipping material is of top quality and the design makes them receive very efficient priority service. The Winthrop Post Office has the most commonly used shipping material in the office and can supply up to 10 pieces upon request. Anyone needing larger amounts, or cases of these supplies, can contact us and we will be happy to order them for you. Two weeks must be allowed for delivery. These materials can be ordered directly from the U.S. Postal Service (choose the supplies key).