Post Office

Available Services for Students

A picture ID is required to pick-up any mail you have received a notice for, including oversized article notices and special service notices (e.g., Certified Mail). There are no exceptions to this requirement. You are required to bring both your ID and your notice. Your Winthrop ID, drivers license, credit card, photo work ID, or similar identification verifying your name and a photo are permitted.

Money Orders

Money orders can be purchased at our window from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm. The Winthrop University Post Office is only permitted to cash money orders that do not exceed $25.00. Larger amounts may be cashed at one of the local USPS offices. Two forms of ID are required when cashing a money order.

Package Service

Parcels may be mailed from the University Post Office. Priority Mail packaging can be obtained for free at the Post Office window, this includes International Priority Service. We also carry Priority Flat Rate packaging. Any articles going to any alternative service, (e.g., Media Mail) must come wrapped and ready for mailing.


Passports cannot be applied for through the USPS in Rock Hill. You can apply for a passport at the Clerk of Courts office in Rock Hill.

Purchasing of Stamps

You may purchase postage by the individual stamp, book, roll, or in mixed denominations.

Special Services

Certified, Insured, Delivery Confirmation, Delivery Signature, Priority (packaging available), Parcel Post, Airmail, and money orders can be obtained through the Winthrop Post Office window.