Post Office

Personal Mail Policy

The Winthrop University internal campus mail system is meant exclusively for university business. Under no circumstances should university services or university addresses be utilized for personal or commercial enterprises.

Please be advised that while university staff does not inspect each piece of mail to determine whether it is university related, determinations are now made for all parcels which have the highest element of responsibility and processing costs for the university.

Effective immediately, incoming personal shipments will be handled as follows:

  • The addressee will be notified by campus mail that the campus Post Office has received a personal shipment that the university policy prohibits us from delivering.
  • The package will beplaced in a secure holding area until it is picked up at the Post Office at the DiGorgio Center by the addressee who must, as is our policy for students, also show his or her ID to receive the parcel. We will at that time inform the party that it is in violation of university policy to have personal parcels delivered to the campus Post Office and that subsequent unauthorized use of campus services will be reported to the individual's supervisor for appropriate action.
  • If not retrieved within 30 days, the parcel will be returned to sender or destroyed if it was shipped at a non-transferable rate.
  • Personnel found to be using university addresses and services as part of a personal commercial enterprise are subject to further investigation and other possible penalties.

This policy has been established to insure proper use of state facilities, to protect Winthrop University from responsibility for loss or damage to personal items, and to assist the university Post Office in maintaining a cost-effective mail service for university business. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.