Winthrop University: Campus Police - Traffic and Parking - Violations, Penalties, and Bonds
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Campus Police
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Campus Police

Traffic and Parking

Violations, Penalties, and Fines

Penalties and fines for Winthrop University Parking Citations are payable in person, on-line, or by mail at the Winthrop University Cashiers Office between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Penalties and bonds for State Citations will be determined by the appropriate court authorities. State Citations may be issued for any violation at officer's discretion. State citations will be paid through the City of Rock Hill Municipal Court.

Parked Vehicle Violations and Penalties

All fines are $40 unless otherwise noted:

  • Altering Parking Permit

  • Improper or No Display of Parking Permit

  • Parking in a Disabled Space, Ramps, or Curb Cuts (Also subject to state citation)

  • Parking in a Fire Zone

  • Parking in a Wrong Area

  • Parking in Front of a Dumpster

  • Failure to Register Vehicle - $110 Fine

 Purple Heart parking spaces will be enforced by Campus Police and the Parking Officers. Violators will be cited for parking in the wrong location and can be towed for excessive violations. Those not having the proper plate and/ or permit will be cited.

 Revoked Parking Permit Violations

  • After the fourth violation, vehicle will be towed at owners expense and loss of parking privileges will be invoked.

Last Updated: 7/8/21