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Campus Police

Child Safety

Missing Child

It is important that parents be aware and alert to the possibility that children can easily become missing. That is not to say that you should live in fear of your child being abducted. However, there are some things that you can do to prepare for emergency situations involving a missing child.

Precautions Parents Can Take

In order to assist you with taking precautions, the Campus Police Department offers "Project Eagle ID" in the Fall semesters to the residents of Roddey Hall and to Macfeat Nursery. This project focuses on fingerprinting and photographing your children, as well as providing safety tips. Parents will be provided a copy of photographs and fingerprints. The Campus Police Department will also maintain copies.

If a child becomes missing, immediately report this to Campus Police. Be prepared to provide the following: recent photo(s), identification papers, custodial documents, fingerprints, etc. Keep a complete description of your child that includes color of hair, eyes, height, weight, and date of birth. Also include other identifiers such as glasses, braces, birth marks, etc. Also know where your child's dental and medical records are located.

Last Updated: 4/10/20