Police Department

Safety Escorts

The Winthrop University Police Department offers Safety Escorts to members of the Winthrop University community as a safe alternative to walking alone at night. Below is some information related to Safety Escorts, which explains how they are handled by the Department and what a community member should expect:

  • Safety escorts will be offered from 18:00 to 06:00 every day. Safety escorts are provided for destinations originating and concluding on the campus of and the surrounding areas within close proximity to Winthrop University.

  • Safety escorts are provided for safety reasons, not due to weather, disability, or as a shuttle only service.

  • Safety escorts may be provided by the Department via Department vehicle or on foot.

When a community member requests an escort, the Communication Specialist will gather the following information and log it into the CAD:

  • Name;

  • Phone number for callback purposes;

  • Originating location of safety escort; and

  • Concluding location of safety escort. 

Communication Specialist will advise the community member the estimated time of arrival of the Department member and to stay in a well-lit area while waiting. Subsequently, if the responding Department member advises Communications of any delays, the Communication Specialist will contact the community member and advise them of the updated estimated time of arrival. 

Safety escorts will only be assigned to Department members, from either the Uniform Patrol Division or the Parking Services Division. These Department members undergo extensive background checks as part of the pre-employment screening, to include examinations of their driving history, criminal history, and references checks.

In order to request a Safety Escort, Winthrop University community members should contact Communications at 803/323-3333.