Winthrop University Police Department

Internet Safety

E-mail Safety

  • Change your password often. Utilize passwords that incorporate both numbers and letters.

  • Do not share your password. Don't write it down and leave it lying around next to your computer.

  • Never open attachments from unknown sources.

  • Invest in good anti-virus protection software and use the latest version of your browser to insure you have the latest security features.

  • Do not reply to unsolicited (spam), harassing or offensive e-mail. You should save the offensive material and forward a copy to your e-mail provider or the customer service department of the offensive e-mail.

General Tips

  • Be careful about giving out personal information on the internet in chat rooms, public postings, e-mail, etc.

  • Do not give out credit card numbers on un-secure sites. Never use credit cards for ID or age verification.

  • Do your online shopping from a reputable business.

  • Do not post personal profiles in public messaging systems.

  • Use caution when someone you meet online wants to meet you. Until you are certain of an online acquaintance, restrict contact to e-mail, chat rooms, or public postings.

  • Never pay money to get money. These are usually scams. 


  • Be wary of the following scams:

    • Business opportunities (get rich quick schemes, work at home schemes, pyramid schemes, chain letters, sending bulk e-mail, etc.) - these offers make it sound like it is easy to earn a lot of money without much effort, and of course, a "small" investment. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Health and diet-miracle cures, herbal formulas for weight loss, scientific breakthroughs related to burning fat, secret formulas, etc.

    • Investment opportunities- promises of high returns and no risks, promises of being privy to inside information, Ponzi schemes (like a pyramid scheme in which early investors are paid with money from later investors, but as you invest more you will lose your money).

    • Loans and credit loans - regardless of credit history, easy term scams, credit repair scams, etc.