Winthrop University: Campus Police - Traffic and Parking - Towing and Impounding
Contact Information
Campus Police
Good Building
526 Myrtle Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29733
803/323-2542 (Fax)

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Campus Police

Traffic and Parking

Towing and Impounding

Campus Police has the authority to have a vehicle towed and impounded at the owners expense and risk if the vehicle is:

  • Blocking a driveway or service entrance, creating a hazard to safety, or parked in a reserved space

  • Not properly registered or has received two or more warnings

  • Parked in a tow away zone

  • Parked in closed areas or areas signified as closed by traffic cones

  • Registered to an individual whose parking privileges have been revoked by Winthrop University

If Your Vehicle is (or about to be) towed

Vehicles will be towed to the contracted wrecker service off campus. Owners should call Campus Police at (803) 323-3333 to find out if a vehicle has been towed. Transportation to the contracted wrecker service will not be provided. Fees for vehicles towed to the contract wrecker service must be paid to the wrecker service. Once the contracted wrecker service has been called to impound a vehicle, the tow fee must be paid prior to the vehicle being released, regardless if the owner arrives on the scene prior to the wrecker service.

Last Updated: 8/21/20