Telecommuting Application

The employee will need to complete the Adobe Telecommuting Application below. The process is completely electronic, so you will need to save the form first to your computer as an Adobe pdf file, complete the employee section, and email the pdf to your supervisor.  If you encounter issues with the file, please reach out to and a blank adobe form can be emailed to you.

In order to complete the employee section, the employee must sign the form electronically. If you do not already have an e-signature, follow the Digital ID instructions to create one when trying to sign the application.


  • Employee should right click on the link below and click "Save link as" first - this will save the Adobe pdf to your computer.
  • Open the pdf file with Adobe Reader from your computer and complete the employee section through page 6, save the file.
  • Email the completed pdf to the supervisor
  • Supervisor reviews pages 1-6 then completes pages 7-8 and adds signature using Adobe Reader, then save file and return completed/approved form to employee for signature
  • Employee opens pdf with Adobe Reader, enters signature, saves file and returns the pdf to supervisor
  • Supervisor emails form to their supervisor, and so on, until it is approved by the VP. To approve, just click the appropriate signature field and enter electronic signature. Do not use Fill & Sign option.
  • VP forwards pdf to for final approval
  • The department will be notified upon completion

Telecommuting Application (pdf - 319 KB)


Coming soon...

Any employee wishing to be considered for telecommuting (up to a maximum of 3 days per work week), should download and complete the Telecommuting Request Form. Follow these steps to submit the request for approval:

  1. Go to this page and click the "Login with Azure" button.
  2. Click the link on the left to access the HR Portal.
  3. Required Actions are listed on the left side. Each action must be completed in order to submit the form for approval.
    1. Download adobe form, complete through page 6 (your details along with your supervisor's will be populated automatically), save file
    2. Upload completed form from step 1
    3. Sign and submit uploaded form from step 2
  4. The form will automatically be routed to your supervisor
    1. Supervisor will Review the form
    2. Sign and approve/deny form
  5. The form will automatically be routed to your supervisor's supervisor until it reaches the Vice President level
  6. The form will automatically be routed to Human Resources for final approval
  7. Once approved, the employee/department will receive notification

At any time, the applicant can access the "in progress" form and view the Approvals page to check the status.