Student Employment

Hiring departments will use the Applicant Tracking System for all student employment. Access to the system will require the use of Winthrop network login credentials. You can use the Applicant Tracking System link in the Employee Tools section of Wingspan or directly with this link Applicant Tracking System. Using Wingspan should pass your network credentials automatically.

Basic process: The department should have Posting Templates for all student positions. When they want to hire students, they would  POST the template with relevant details like begin/end dates, pay rate, etc. They should also specify when the posting is visible to students (open/close dates). Select the person who will review the applicants and determine which one(s) to hire, this is the Student Hiring Supervisor (SHS) and is not required to be the same person who approves timesheets. The SHS reviews applicants, determines who to hire, then either the SHS or Student Hiring Coordinator (SHC) would begin the Hiring Proposal (HP). After the HP makes it through the entire approval process, the student and SHC will receive an e-mail that the HP was approved. After all applicants are hired, the SHC should move the posting to "Filled".

    • Login to Wingspan (see this screenshot)
    • Ensure that you select the correct access to the system (more details)
    • On the HOME tab in the EMPLOYEE TOOLS section, select the "PeopleAdmin (ATS/PosnMgmt)" link
    • You may or may not see this screen and have to provide your WU login credentials a second time (same as when you log in to a campus computer - include in your user name)
    • Next you will be taken to the Home Screen of PeopleAdmin
    • For functions related to posting job openings and the hiring of student employees the module should show "Applicant Tracking System" in the top left corner of the page. Use the three blue dots (ellipsis) to access the correct module if needed.
    • Verify that you have the role needed for your position (supervisor, coordinator, budget, department head). Select the role in the User Group box in the top right corner of the page.

    All student positions must have an approved job description (template) on file in the system in order to post and hire for the position. A list of your approved templates can be found in ATS by selecting POSTINGS then Student Posting Templates. On the provided list, select any blue word to access the full template. If any changes are needed to a template prior to posting, please provide the details to the student employment area of HR. Only HR is able to make changes to templates.

    For any new positions, complete the required form and send it to HR. You will be notified once it has been entered and approved for posting.

    Approved student positions can be posted on the website for current and potential future students to peruse. Positions can also be posted internally, as needed, and not visible on the website when access to only specific pre-determined applicants is desired. The website used by applicants can be found in the Student Tools section of Wingspan or by using this link also available on the Employment Opportunities page of Human Resources.

      To post a the Student Hiring Coordinator user group.

      • From the ATS page, select POSTING then STUDENT. Click the orange "Create New Posting" button then select "Create from Posting Template".
      • You will then be shown a list of all currently approved positions in the area(s) that your role gives you have access to
      • Select the template for the position to post
      • Select "Create Posting from this Posting Template"
      • Make specific changes as needed: number of vacancies, pay rate, hours per week, etc.
      • Select the specific "Hiring Supervisor" from the available list. This is the person who will review the applicants and determine which one(s) to hire. If a name you need is not available, contact HR and supply the name of the employee and we will add them to the Student Hiring Supervisor user group for that department.
      • The actual supervisor/approver of timesheets is pre-defined in the posting template in the "Reports To/Supervisor" field. This may not be the same person who is acting in the role of SHS (Student Hiring Supervisor).
      • Select open/close dates. These dates will automatically control the availability of the posting on the website.
      • Add Supplemental Questions as needed. If you create a new question, contact HR to have it approved or it will not show to the applicant. All new questions should be added in the Student category.
      • Identify and select forms or required documents for applicants to include (i.e. resume, cover letter, work study approval document)
      • Save changes, then Take Action to Post the position.
        • If you already have an applicant or a rehire in mind, you can choose to post as Internal, this will require you to notify the potential employee as the vacancy will not be visible on the website. You can provide the student(s) with the link to the posting.
        • If the position is for a GA or Work Study student Take Action and send the posting to Student Graduate School or Student Work Study respectively for authorization before posting to the web.

      Changes can be made to a posting. For example, to extend the posting, edit the Posting, change the Close Date and any other items as needed, Save the changes and then Take Action to Publish Changes to the Web. Keep in mind that any students who already applied will not know about the changes. You can perform the same actions to Remove the Posting from the web.

      Using a Close Date on the posting will automatically remove it from the web at the end of the day selected. The status on the posting will remain as "Closed/Removed from Web".  The Hiring Coordinator can also manually close the posting with the Take Action button, regardless of the Close Date. When you have completed the processing/hiring of all applicants, the status should be changed to "Filled". When the posting reaches the Filled step, applicants who were not selected will be able to see the status of their application.

    It is strongly suggested that postings for student vacancies have a defined Open and Close date. Doing this will allow the system to automatically control the access to the posting on our website.  If you don't define a close date, the posting will remain active until you take action to remove it. Keeping job postings that are not accurate will cause confusion and doubt in our system data and possibly discourage applicants. Our system is only as good as our data.
    For each posting, the field labeled "Active Applications" shows the number of student applications that are available for review. The Hiring process may begin as soon as there are available applicants. As well, the hiring process is not ended until all applicants have been processed and the job removed from the website. Both the Hiring Coordinator and the Hiring Supervisor have the ability to initiate a Hiring Proposal.

      Only the Student Hiring Coordinator (SHS) has access to the posting.  The person in this role should notify the hiring supervisor (SHS) when the job closes, or when applicants are available, so that they may begin reviewing the applications.

      The Hiring Coordinator ensures the validity of the information on the Hiring Proposal:

      • hours per week (should be less than 20 during the academic year)
      • rate of pay (hourly rate or salaried amount for the specific duration)
      • the supervisor/approver for timekeeping purposes is defined on the posting template as the Reports To (this may be a different person than the SHS)
      • I-9 and eVerify status
      • reasonable Start Date (allow time for processing the hiring proposal) and End Date. FWS requires specific date ranges, you will see these in the help text when posting or hiring..
      • routing correctly for Federal Work Study or Graduate Associate/Assistant

      The Student Hiring Supervisor (SHS) is the person who reviews the applicants and makes the decision on which applicant(s) to hire. This person should communicate with the applicants and coordinate with them regarding preliminary offers of employment, regarding pay rate, work hours, and potential begin date. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that these employees do not begin work until they have received the approval e-mail from the system, along with the approved begin date.

        On the APPLICANTS tab of the posting, select each applicant individually, review their application and required documents. If this is a Work-Study position, ensure the correct authorization has been attached.

        After reviewing the applicant's details, use the orange TAKE ACTION button to process the applicant. You can select from the following options:

        • Interview
        • Recommend for Hire
        • Not Selected

        All applicants must have a status in order for the posting to be completely closed.

      From the Applicant Tracking System module, select the user group of Student Hiring Coordinator or Student Hiring Supervisor. Use the Saved Searches button as needed to retrieve the desired list of postings. Click on any blue words in the list to link directly to the Posting. Hiring Supervisors can display the posting details and then access the Applicant tab for a list of all applications.

      While viewing a Posting, you may find it helpful to add it to your Watch List. The posting can then be retrieved from the Home page of ATS for quicker access. After all actions on a posting are complete, it can then be removed from the Watch List.

      Access an applicant with the status of "Recommend for Hire". Select the option to "Start ATS Hiring Proposal" (after the supervisor acknowledges that the student has accepted the preliminary offer).

        By default the Hiring Proposal will remain in Draft status until the student's other assignment/hiring proposal is processed completely.  Please e-mail and we will be able to do an override.  Be sure to supply the student's full name and Posting Number or Job title in the request.  We will then start the proposal and send it to the Hiring Supervisor.  Some fields are mandatory, so ensure that all pay/position entries are accurate and complete.

      • Supply relevant details for this applicant
        • Position Detail tab
          • Job Title Banner
          • Level (graduate or undergraduate)
          • Timesheet Org ID (used to group timesheets for approver)
          • Wage Type (hourly/salary)
          • Approved Pay Rate
          • Actual Hours Per Week
          • Actual Start Date
          • Actual End Date
          • I9/E-Verify Status
      • Take Action and move to Student Hiring Coordinator

      Student Hiring Proposals follow an approval path. The hiring proposal process can begin from either the SHS or SHC role. After the initiation it will need to be approved in order by a department head, divisional budget area, institutional budget, and finally by Human Resources.

        • Select the appropriate User Group in the upper right-corner of the ATS Hiring Proposal-Student page. You may also have a link on the Home page in your Inbox or received an e-mail regarding a pending approval.
        • Select the "Saved Search" that will show your role as either Department Head "Student HP - Pending SDH" or Divisional Budget "Student HP - Pending SDB".
        • Click on any items in the list and review relevant data. Any issues should be resolved before approving.
        • Use the orange Take Action button to move the hiring proposal to the next step.
        • Select the appropriate User Group (Student Divisional Budget or Student Budget) in the upper right-corner of the ATS Hiring Proposal-Student page. You may also have a link on the Home page in your Inbox.
        • Select the "Saved Search" that will show your role either "Student HP - Pending SDB" or "Student HP - Pending SB"
        • Verify that the Fund/Org/Account for the position has sufficient funds to cover the date range and rate of pay for the hiring proposal.
        • Use the orange Take Action button to move the hiring proposal to the next step.

        The office of Human Resources will review all details on the hiring proposal. If any document has not yet been received or any required item has not been completed, the Hiring Coordinator will be notified.

        Once HR approves a Hiring Proposal, an e-mail will immediately be sent to the applicant with relevant details regarding the assignment, including the Start Date. If the assignment requires a timesheet, they will typically appear in Wingspan within 24 hours of the approval e-mail being sent.

    • To END an assignment early, send an e-mail with the relevant details to
    • To REVISE an assignment, (pay rate, extend end date, etc.) send an e-mail with the relevant details to copy your Student Division Budget person.
    • Work-Study and Non-Work-Study with same Position Description need to have two separate posting templates.  The approval path and funding are different for these.  Posting can be done for both simultaneously and hired from either. If a student runs out of work-study funds they can apply to an internal posting for the non-work-study posting as budget approval will be required to place them in a department funded position.
    • To EXTEND a posting, edit the posting in Postings - Student, modify the Close Date and then Take Action to publish changes to the Applicant Portal.
    • Current students can access the available job openings from within Wingspan in the Student Tools section. Potential students who do not have a Wingspan login can access the student job openings via the Human Resources Employment Opportunities page.
    • Hiring Coordinators and Hiring Supervisors will be able to attach documents to an application, the applicant will not be able to see these, i.e. Reference letters
    • Multiple Hiring Proposals can now be processed at the same time, contact HR with details (name and posting #) for the OVERRIDE.
    • Student employment cannot cross over the fiscal year. All assignments must end on 6/30 and a new posting/hiring proposal created for 7/1. It is possible that some grant positions may cross this date line depending on their funding.

      By default, each User Group has global searches that have been defined for you. Users can create their own personal searches based on specification that may be more useful to you.

      Sorting can be done by clicking the top of a column and choosing Ascending or Descending.

      Columns can be rearranged using the < or > symbols at the to of each column.

      Limitations of the data selected may be made with the Search Options button.

      Be sure to Save your changes and give the search a clear name for future use. You may also save it as your Default search which will open each time you access that page.