Winthrop University

General Information Regarding Special Offers to Employees from Outside Vendors

In general, Winthrop University provides employee benefits based upon the plan offerings approved through the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA). Information regarding the benefits available to Winthrop employees may be located on the Winthrop University Division of Human Resources, Employee Diversity, and Wellness website. Vendors who may be interested in providing employee benefits to state of South Carolina employees may contact the PEBA office in Columbia, SC at 803/737-6800.

Vendors who would like to advertise their services or provide opportunities to Winthrop employees may do so in one of the following ways.

  • Post information on one of the Winthrop University Facebook pages.
  • Attend the Winthrop University Vendor Expo event that takes place during the fall and spring semesters. Contact the Winthrop University DiGiorgio Campus Center, 803/323-2224, for information about participating in the Vendor Expo.
  • Advertise in the local media including The Johnsonian student newspaper.
  • Rent a display table in the DiGiorgio Campus Center, 803/323-2224.

Winthrop University may choose to communicate special offers provided for Winthrop employees. The following criteria will be considered in determining when a special offer will be announced via Winthrop e-mail. Winthrop University has sole discretion in determining if, when, and how a special offer may be communicated to employees.

  • The offer must provide a benefit for Winthrop employees or for Winthrop University. (Examples include educational opportunities, discounted rates on services or products, special programs, etc.)
  • The vendor must provide a flyer or prepared e-mail content that describes the special offer for Winthrop employees. All related communications will be via a dedicated university e-mail account developed for this purpose. (Note: employees have the option to opt out of receiving notifications regarding special offers.)
  • The information provided regarding the special offer must include non-Winthrop contact information for questions that may arise about the special offer.
  • The vendor is responsible for all registration processes and follow-up communication.

Other considerations:

  • In general, Winthrop University will not payroll deduct fees for services or offers.
  • Winthrop University employees are State of South Carolina employees and must comply with the SC Ethics Act when accepting gifts or offers from vendors. Additional information regarding rules of conduct for public employees in South Carolina may be located on the South Carolina Ethics Commission website.
  • Winthrop University will not provide employee contact information to vendors.
  • Winthrop University will not prepare mailings or provide employee mailing labels for vendors.
  • Winthrop University will not include vendor information in new employee packets.

Contact or with questions or requests.