Remote Workers - Out of State Employees

Potential employees should observe the regulations regarding an employee's work location. An employee who plans to work on campus but currently does not reside within 45 miles of Rock Hill may complete I-9 paperwork remotely. Out of State employment is available to instructors who conduct online course instruction, but only in approved states. See more details below.

    All applicants who live within a 45 mile radius of campus, are expected to come to the Human Resources office in Rock Hill to supply employment verification documents.

    Employees who live outside the area may provide their documents at a remote site. Be sure to provide the zip code for the I-9 request form to best accommodate scheduling the appropriate location.

    Advanced approval is required for any temporary adjunct employee who plans to work remotely (off-campus) from a state other than South Carolina.

    Refer to the list below to determine if your home state is approved for remote employment.

    If your home state levies state income tax, you will be required to submit the appropriate state withholding form (W-4) identified in the list below.

    All states are listed below and will be colored in green if approved for remote work, red if prohibited, and yellow for those not yet determined. Applicants from states in yellow will need the hiring department to submit an application for their state prior to an employment decision. Some new states may be added or removed as regulations are updated.

    In the chart below the "W-4" is a link to the state's form that will need to be submitted. States that don't collect income tax are marked as "n/a" while states that can use the federal W-4 settings are left blank.


    Alabama W-4   Montana  
    Alaska     Nebraska  
    Arizona     Nevada n/a
    Arkansas W-4   New Hampshire n/a
    California     New Jersey  
    Colorado     New Mexico  
    Connecticut     New York W-4
    Delaware     North Carolina W-4
    District of Columbia     North Dakota  
    Florida n/a   Ohio  
    Georgia W-4   Oklahoma W-4
    Hawaii W-4   Oregon  
    Idaho     Pennsylvania  
    Illinois     Rhode Island  
    Indiana     South Carolina  
    Iowa     South Dakota n/a
    Kansas W-4   Tennessee n/a
    Kentucky W-4   Texas n/a
    Louisiana W-4   Utah  
    Maine     Vermont  
    Maryland W-4   Virginia W-4
    Massachusetts     Washington  
    Michigan W-4   West Virginia W-4
    Minnesota     Wisconsin W-4
    Mississippi W-4   Wyoming  
    Missouri W-4