Health Plans and Services

Health Plans

The State Health Plan (PPO)

As a preferred provider organization, the State Health Plan has networks, groups of doctors, hospitals and other providers that accept the plan's allowed amount as payment in full.

The annual deductibles are lower than the Savings Plan, but the premiums are higher.  Summary of Benefits and Coverage.


The premiums are lower than for the Savings Plan, but the annual deductibles are higher.  Summary of Benefits and Coverage.  The Savings Plan offers more preventative benefits than the Standard Plan.

TRICARE Supplement Plan

Designed for TRICARE — eligible employees and retirees and their eligible family members until they become eligible for TRICARE for Life, a Medicare supplement.


 Health Services


Prescription Benefits

Available through Express Scripts,  each plan includes prescription drug benefits if you use a pharmacy within the plan's network or the plan's mail-order pharmacy.  For most drugs you pay a copayment.  Copayments are lower for generic and preferred-brand drugs.  Under the Savings Plan, you pay the full allowed amount for prescription drugs, and it is applied to your deductible.

Health Management Programs

One-on-one coaching and health management programs are available at no cost to State Health Plan primary members.