Student Employment - Timekeeping

Welcome to all new, and returning, student employees to the new academic year.  Winthrop employs students in many different capacities each year, and we are thankful for all that you do.

Maximum Number of Work Hours 

Winthrop University recently announced that students who work on campus will be allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week on campus during the academic year and a maximum of 40 hours per week on campus during the summer weeks between the Spring and Fall semesters.  The decision to limit work hours on campus will allow more on campus employment opportunities for a larger number of students and will communicate that academics are the first priority of Winthrop students.  Studies have shown that working more than 20 hours per week can have a negative impact on some student's grades.  During the spring semester of 2013, approximately 1.2% of all student employees worked an average of more than 20 hours per week.  Therefore, this will not affect the majority of the student employee population.

In some extenuating circumstances, regarding the type of job, students may be allowed to work more than the maximum allowable 20 hours per week for a portion of the weeks during the academic year. This must be approved in advance by the divisional vice president, who will notify the Office of Human Resources.  In these circumstances, the maximum number of hours a student may work during a semester (Fall and Spring) is 360 hours.  When a student has reached the 360 hour limit during the fall or the spring semester, the student will not be allowed to work again until the next semester.

According to USCIS federal regulations, international students holding an F1 or J1 student visa are only allowed to work on-campus for 20 hours per week (Sunday-Saturday) during the fall and spring semesters. This limit on the number of hours that they can work is inclusive of any work undertaken pursuant to that employment under a scholarship, or assistantship, employment in the library, etc. For example, a student employed 15 hours per week in an assistantship is eligible to work only 5 more hours per week anywhere else under the on-campus provision. Questions pertaining to the U.S. government regulations of international student employment should be directed to Leigh Poole at or 803/232-2133.

Affordable Care Act

One of the best features of the Affordable Care Act allows students to remain on their parents' health insurance plans until age 26.  Since Winthrop will be required to offer health insurance to all employees who work 30 or more hours per week (including students), gaining eligibility for health coverage under the State of SC employer sponsored plan would, in some cases, make the student ineligible to continue coverage as a dependent on their parents' plan.  Students should also understand that the student's portion of the health coverage cost will be deducted from their pay check, should they become eligible and elect coverage.  The current employee costs can vary markedly depending on the plan an employee chooses.  Since this could be disruptive to many households with college students, all student employees should become familiar with the eligibility requirements of the health plan under which they are currently covered. Winthrop will be required by law to declare any employee who works 30 or more hours per week as eligible for health coverage under the State of SC employer sponsored plan, and there is no provision in the law for an otherwise eligible employee to opt out of eligibility.


In order to monitor the number of hours worked during a work week (Sunday through Saturday), student employees MUST enter hours worked on their timesheets EACH DAY.  We ask supervisors to ensure that their student employees are entering the time they work on their timesheets on a daily basis.  As a student employee, once you have worked 20 hours during a work week, you will not be allowed to work additional hours during that same week.  Supervisors, department heads, and vice presidents will be notified at the end of each pay period of any student who has been permitted to work more than the allowable hours so that corrective measures may be taken.

Graduate Assistants/Associates

Graduate assistants/associates have traditionally been expected to work no more than the 20 hours per week associated with their assistantship/associateship.  This expectation remains in effect, unless additional work hours are approved in advance by the Dean of the Graduate School.



Supervisor Checklist (pdf 90kb)