Regular Staff Employment

Regular staff hired at Winthrop occupy an FTE (full-time equivalent) and may be eligible for Winthrop and State of SC benefits. Grant-funded employees may also be eligible for Winthrop and State of SC benefits depending upon the terms of the grant. Regular employees are subject to a one-year probationary period when hired unless they are transferring from another state agency or into a new position at Winthrop and have met the probationary requirement. Participation in the SC Retirement System (SCRS) or one of the Optional Retirement Programs (ORP) is mandatory for all permanent staff members. Regular staff also earn annual, sick, and holiday leave.

Procedures for Recruiting and Filling Staff/Classified Job Vacancies

  1. Personnel Requisition Form
  2. Employment Manager
  3. Position Description Form
  4. Job Vacancy Notice and Recruitment
  5. Employment Application Form
  6. The Job Vacancy File
  7. Application Review Process
  8. Interview Process
  9. Hiring Decision
  10. Hiring Process


1.  Personnel Requisition Form
Upon determination of a classified job vacancy, the divisional vice president will discuss with the president the need to fill the vacancy.  If the president is in agreement that the process to fill should begin, the supervisor for the vacancy will complete the personnel requisition form. The hiring supervisor, the department head, and the appropriate dean and/or vice president must sign the personnel requisition form. Once all appropriate signatures are obtained, the personnel requisition form is forwarded to the Budget Office.  The appropriate personnel in the Budget Office will identify the funding source for the associated salary and benefits costs and send the personnel requisition form to the Office of Human Resources.

2.  Employment Manager
The employment manager in the Office of Human Resources will compile comparable salary data for the vacant position and other appropriate information for consideration, and present a recommendation regarding the hiring salary.  The vice president for HR will present the HR recommendation to the president who will provide approval to post and approval of the hiring salary or salary range.  Upon approval, the employment manager will notify the hiring supervisor and begin the recruitment process.  The employment manager assumes the role of Affirmative Action Representative in the process for hiring classified employees.  In doing so, the employment manager guides and directs the hiring supervisor with regard to the University’s commitment to equal employment opportunities and the hiring and the hiring supervisors’ responsibilities as outlined in the EEO Policy Statement.

3.  Position Description Form
Upon receipt of the personnel requisition form, the employment manager reviews the position description form currently on file for the vacant position with the hiring supervisor to determine that the duties described are accurate and up to date. [Return to top]  

4.  Job Vacancy Notice and Recruitment
A job vacancy notice is prepared based on the information provided on the current position description form. The employment manager and hiring supervisor determine how and where to advertise the vacancy to achieve the highest possibility of recruiting applicants. If necessary, an advertisement for newspapers or other publications will be prepared. To affirm the University's commitment to affirmative action, the statement "Winthrop University is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply." will be included on the job vacancy notice and any advertisements. Copies of the job vacancy notice will be placed on the HR bulletin board, placed on the human resources website and on Applications for classified position vacancies will be accepted for at least five (5) working days from the date of posting. The deadline date for receiving applications will be clearly indicated on the job vacancy notice and any advertisement.      [Return to top

5.  Employment Application Form
All persons interested in applying for classified employment must complete the on-line employment application by the posted deadline date.

6.  The Job Vacancy File
Upon receipt of the completed personnel requisition form, a job vacancy file is created in Human Resources. Included in the job vacancy file are: the job vacancy notice; any advertisements; and hiring decision forms. The job vacancy file will be kept on file for two years from the date the position is filled with the successful applicant. [Return to top

7.  Application Review Process
The employment manager reviews all applications and extracts the most qualified, based on minimum and preferred training and experience and other relevant factors. The referrals are then presented to the hiring supervisor as those suggested for interview. In the event that the hiring supervisor would like to disqualify a referred applicant or to include another applicant that the employment manager did not originally determine to be among the most qualified, the hiring supervisor must verbally communicate to the employment manager his/her justification for why this applicant should or should not be considered for interview. The employment manager will consider the request to disqualify or to include additional applicants for interview based upon the applicant's qualifications, the employment manager's knowledge of equal employment opportunity and fair employment practices, and the consistent application of Winthrop policies and procedures. The employment manager carries the ultimate responsibility for determining which applicants are interviewed. The University does not conduct "courtesy interviews."  [Return to top

8.  Interview Process
The hiring supervisor will conduct the interviews. The employment manager ensures that hiring supervisors are informed of the techniques of legal and effective interviewing. [Return to top

9.  Hiring Decision
Once the interviews are complete, the hiring supervisor and the employment manager confer to determine the best candidate for the position.  A legal reason for selection or non-selection is indicated to ensure that the hiring decision is made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (40+), protected disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. [Return to top]

10.  Hiring Process
After successful reference, criminal background, and student loan default checks are conducted on the final candidate and the internal approval process via the electronic personnel action form (ePAF) is completed, a verbal offer of employment is made. Applicants not selected are notified in writing by Human Resources.   [Return to top