Winthrop University: Human Resources - Employee Performance Appraisal

Employee Performance Appraisals

1. Administrative Reviews

Winthrop's Administrative Review Process applies to athletic or academic administrative employees. Information on the Administrative Review Process for 2019 is currently being updated.

2. Staff Reviews

Probationary or Trial Reviews:

Email notices are sent to supervisors approximately six weeks before an employee's performance appraisal is due. Please complete an electronic performance appraisal online in Wingspan and then review the information with the employee and have them sign it online. This process needs to be completed no later than the first day of the month of the employee's review date.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at extension 2273, if you have any questions concerning this process.

Annual Reviews: Instructions effective 2/8/17 for Universal Review Date

Rating Supervisors will be able to access their employee list in Wingspan within the Employee Detail tab (see the specific links below). 

  • Position Description - An overview listing of all employees.  The available details include:  the employee's title, position number, CWID, name, the type of evaluation (annual, probationary, trial), the next review date, and a link to download the employee's Position Description file. Rating supervisors should ensure that a current position description exists for each employee reporting to them. If the position description is not up-to-date, the supervisor should contact the Office of Human Resources for assistance.
  • EPMS - Access to all employees reviewed under the EPMS policy.  Here you will be able to create, save, copy, and print reviews and planning stage documents for your direct reports. 

EPMS Form Directions:

The goal of the performance review is to provide the employee with feedback on their performance and accomplishments since the previous rating. The job duties should be rated on how well the employee has met the success criteria that have been identified by the rating supervisor. Please refer to the Employee Performance Management Policy for detailed information regarding the EPMS process.

All staff shall be given an annual appraisal no more than 90 calendar days prior to the universal review date of March 31st.
A trial period evaluation is a six month evaluation following an employee's promotion, reclassification, or demotion in the new position.
An employee in probationary status will have a review period that begins on the first date of employment and ends the day before the annual performance review date. For example, an employee who is hired on June 2nd should have his annual review completed on or before June 1st of the following year.

Once the rating supervisor completes the form and before conducting the performance review meeting with the employee, submit the form electronically for review by the next level supervisor (reviewing officer) to acknowledge their agreement. Having the reviewing officer acknowledge the performance review before it is given to the employee will keep them informed regarding the employee's performance, and ensure agreement on the overall rating of the employee.

Section IA - Job Duties: List the most important functions for successful job performance. The performance review should include at least 80% of the duties that are based on the employee's position description. The rating supervisor must also include success criteria which define the rating supervisor's performance expectations the employee must use in managing daily performance.

Ratings Chart (Effective January 2017)

Section IB - Performance Characteristics: Choose up to four performance characteristics that are directly related to the employee's job. NOTE: Supervisory roles are designated on the review form. All employees who are supervisors must be rated on Commitment to Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity and Evaluation, these two entries are identified in the list as *Required*.

Section IC - Overall Evaluation: Once the ratings are entered for the performance of the job duties, an overall EPMS evaluation rating must be entered. Rating supervisors must consult with the Office of Human Resources before assigning an overall rating of "unsuccessful/unsatisfactory". Please refer to the section of the EPMS policy regarding the Substandard Performance Process for Covered Employees for more information.

Employee Comments: The employee is permitted to add comments regarding the performance evaluation prior to signing electronically on Wingspan.

Signatures: The final evaluation must be signed electronically by the rating supervisor, reviewer and employee.  Copies do not need to be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources. Please note that the employee's signature does not indicate agreement only that the employee has read and received the performance appraisal from their supervisor.

The Planning Stage Document should be retained by the supervisor for use during the upcoming rating period. The supervisor should discuss the job duties, performance characteristics, objectives and success criteria for the next rating period. The Planning Stage Acknowledgement must be electronically signed by the rating supervisor and employee.  Please note that the employee's signature indicates only that the employee has read and received the planning stage document from their supervisor. A copy of the Planning Stage Document should be given to the employee.

All performance evaluations shall be maintained in the employee's official personnel file in the Office of Human Resources.  Please contact the Office of Human Resources for assistance at 2273. 

SAVE your work often:  Remember that Wingspan times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.  The time out option is processed from the active Wingspan page (and doesn't update from within an EPMS document), so if you anticipate spending close to 30 minutes in the application, you should save the document and return to a Wingspan page to reset the time clock.  The status bar at the bottom of the EPMS form will notify you if there are unsaved changes on the document.  Click on the diskette icon to save changes.

  • Position Description:  You can access this from both the EPMS and Position Description links on the Employee Detail page.  Open the employee's pdf and copy selected Job Duties from it to the Job Duties section on the EPMS form. 
  • Planning Stage document:  For the next rating period, you can created this document by copying the Annual Review that was just completed. 
  • Printing:  Both documents can be printed from within the browser of Wingspan.  If you have modified the default margins; they should be 0.50" on all sides and print in portrait mode.
  • Meet/Sign:  Prior to the scheduled review meeting with the employee, have them review their Position Description (that they can also access on Wingspan) and the completed EPMS form.
  • Finalize the review:  Be sure to finalize the review in wingspan AFTER your meeting with the employee.  After the review is finalized, no further changes can be made by the Supervisor.

  • Visit this page for additional Reference Materials for processing performance appraisals.
  • Additional Documents:

    Performance Characteristics List (73kb pdf)


Last Updated: 8/26/19