Employee Educations Assistance Program (EEAP)

Application Request Form

After you submit this form, the Office of Human Resources will verify your eligibility to participate in the Employee Educational Assistance Program.  Click here for eligibility guidelines.  If approved, you will be sent the EEAP Request and Registration Form so that you can complete the form with your course selection and obtain the required signatures for approval.

Please note:  Winthrop employees who request to take classes through the EEAP must first apply for admission and be accepted through the appropriate department.  Winthrop employees who previously enrolled in classes through the EEAP but have not been continuously enrolled must be readmitted and accepted through the appropriate department as necessary.  Please submit this form AFTER you have been accepted or readmitted as a student at Winthrop.

Are you seeking a degree?
Is this the first time you have taken courses at Winthrop?
Is this the first time you have taken courses through EEAP?