Dental Plans

Basic State Dental

There is no cost to the employee for this plan. There is a premium for spouse and/or child(ren). The yearly maximum is $1,000.00 per person. There are four classes of dental coverage:

Class I Preventive Services: 100% of Allowable Charges
Class II Basic Services: 80% of Allowable Charges after $25 deductible
Class III Prosthodontics: 50% of Allowable Charge after $25 deductible (implants are covered beginning 2013 based on the allowable)
Class IV Orthodontics: 50% of Allowable Charge, $1000 Lifetime Benefit (only dependents under age 19 are eligible)

Dental Plus

Dental Plus is a supplemental plan to provide a higher level of dental coverage for you and your family. Dental Plus is applied to the level of coverage carried under the Basic State Dental Plan but subscribers must pay an additional premium and can only be added or dropped in October of the odd years, effective January 1st of the following year.

  • Same coverage as carried on Basic Plan, but with higher allowable charges
  • NO additional orthodontia benefits
  • Combined benefit year maximum benefit is $2,000 per person