Counseling Services

Counseling Services

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FALL 2020 - COVID Information

  • Telemental Health Sessions Only: For the forseeable future, Counseling Services will hold all sessions, groups, outreach, etc. remotely.  Students in individual sessions will engage through the TAO platform using ZOOM technology. 
  • Medication Management: Students who are receiving medication management from the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner need to communicate via email with their counselor regarding their needs and current location. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is currently engaging in phone-based sessions only.
  • New Appointments: Students can schedule their first telemental health session (intake) by calling the front desk (323-2206) or online at the Medicat Patient Portal. Intake appointments are same-day only, so login first thing in the morning on the day you'd like your appt.
  • Ongoing Appointments: Students who are currently engaged in Counseling Services or who wish to resume services may call the front desk (323-2206) or email their counselor in order to schedule an appointment.
  • Self-Help: Students are encouraged to utilize the unlimited-access self-help resources through TAO and to review additional resource information listed on the Counseling Services webpage.
  • Crisis: If a student is in crisis, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK(8255), or the Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741). 

Let's Talk Program


Let's Talk Logo: Nervous eagle with a speech bubble coming from the left saying, Let’s Talk is a way for students to have easy access to free conversations with counselors from Winthrop’s Counseling Services and is designed to operate as a drop-in service – no appointments are necessary and there is no paperwork to fill out. These walk-in hours allow for quick, casual conversations – think of it as “office hours” for counselors.


Frequently Asked Questions 


“Who is eligible to use Let’s Talk?”  

Any Winthrop student is welcome to come to Let’s Talk hours. While the sites are chosen in an effort to reach students who may not otherwise engage with Counseling Services, many other students may benefit from the quick, immediate nature of the service.  Faculty and Staff are also encouraged to utilize Let’s Talk if they have concerns about a student and need assistance in referring that student to Counseling Services. Visitors are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. 


“What happens at a visit to Let’s Talk?” 

Visits to Let’s Talk typically last about 15 minutes.  During that time, you’re encouraged to talk about whatever is important to you.  The counselor will listen closely to your concerns and provide support, guidance, assistance in problem solving, and/or referrals to resources that may be helpful. 


“Who should visit Let’s Talk?” 

Let’s Talk is a good fit for: 

  • Students who are unsure about counseling and wonder what it’s like to talk to a counselor 
  • Students who have a specific problem or concern and would like someone to talk it through with 
  • Students who are concerned about a friend or peer and would like advice about how to help 
  • Students who are not interested in ongoing counseling, but would like the perspective of a counselor 
  • Faculty or Staff who are concerned about a student and would like guidance about how to support or refer that student 

Let’s Talk is not a good fit for: 

  • Students who are currently experiencing thoughts about hurting themselves or someone else 
  • Students with concerns about their safety 
  • Students who are seeking ongoing counseling or therapy 


“How is Let’s Talk different from the clinical counseling/therapy offered at Crawford?”

Although the counselors who staff Let’s Talk are clinical mental health counselors, Let’s Talk is not formal counseling and is not a substitute for mental health treatment.  Let’s Talk visits are brief, drop-in conversations with a counselor (usually 15 minutes or less).  Ongoing clinical counseling occurs within the context of a therapeutic relationship, where the therapist and client meet on a regularly scheduled basis to address specific concerns or patterns the student would like help with. 


“Are Let’s Talk visits confidential?” 

Visits to Let’s Talk are considered private, but not confidential.  In an emergency where there is imminent threat of harm or danger to themselves or others, the counselor may need to share information to ensure safety.  Counselors are also required by law to report the abuse of an elder, child, or other vulnerable person who is incapacitated and/or unable to act on their own behalf if being abused.  However, visits to Let’s Talk are not recorded as part of a student’s university record or clinical record in Counseling Services.  


“Can I visit Let’s Talk if I’m having a crisis?” 

No – Let’s Talk is not a clinical service and the brief nature of the meetings does not allow for the counselors there to appropriately support students in crisis.  Students needing urgent crisis support (e.g., thoughts of killing/hurting self or others, recent assault, etc.) should contact the front desk at Health and Counseling Services by calling 803-323-2206 and request a same-day appointment with a counselor.  


“I’m currently seeing a counselor at Counseling Services and would like to talk to someone sooner than my next appointment.  Can I go to Let’s Talk?” 

Let’s Talk is not a replacement for ongoing counseling. If you would like to meet with your counselor sooner than your next appointment, contact your counselor directly or call the front desk at 803-323-2206. 

Students who feel they need additional support outside their regular counseling sessions are encouraged to explore our group counseling options or use TAO to gain additional skills and support. 


“I’m currently seeing a counselor at Counseling Services, but I’m not happy with my work with them. Can I go to Let’s Talk instead?” 

In this situation, it’s best to talk with your counselor directly – we value your feedback, both positive and negative, about our work together. An open, honest conversation between you and your counselor can often address your concern and help you in working better together. (Sometimes, it’s easiest to begin this conversation with a written letter or e-mail!) If you are still unhappy after your conversation with your counselor and would like to transfer to a new counselor, simply contact the front desk to schedule with a different counselor. 


“Where can I speak with a Let’s Talk counselor?” 

For the Spring 2020 semester, Let’s Talk hours are Tuesdays from 11:00a-12:30p on the top floor of the Dinkins Building.  Let’s Talk begins on January 28 and will run through the end of scheduled classes (with the exception of Spring Break).





Last Updated: 9/8/20