Counseling Services



Emergency Services

Same Day Appointments

Monday through Friday, during office hours, one of the Counselors is the Same Day Counselor (SDC). SDCs will see Winthrop Students in crisis for a 30 minute check-in to work on problem solving and distress management strategies.  Same Day appointments are first come-first serve, so call first thing in the morning on the day you need to come in.  If all reserved appointments are full, please ask to speak to the SDC for a triage appointment.  The SDC will call you back within 60 minutes in order to help you decide on an appropriate next step.

After Hours

If it's after 5pm or the weekend:

On Campus

Talk to your RA or RLC

Call the Winthrop Police Department: 803/323-3333

On or Off Campus

Go to your nearest Emergency Department (In Rock Hill, that's Piedmont Medical Center)

Call Emergency Medical Services: 911



The information a student shares with a counselor is not provided to anyone without the student's written consent. Legal limitations are placed on the student's right to confidentiality if a counselor suspects there is clear and imminent danger to the student or to others, in cases of current child abuse or neglect, or if ordered by a court of law to testify or provide counseling records. Please see the complete confidentiality policy for further information.  If a client needs his or her counselor to release protected health information, he or she may complete the Protected Health Information Disclosure Form under the guidance of his or her counselor.


Concerned about a Student

If you're concerned about a student, friend, or family member and feel uncomfortable starting the conversation, please review our referral guidelines to learn helpful strategies.


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