Scout Project Information

Winthrop University is proud to partner with the Boy Scouts (Scouting America) and Girl Scouts to provide opportunities for Boy Scout Eagle Award Projects or Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award Projects. Watch this space for project ideas and see how the projects evolve. 

Projects may be on Winthrop University's main campus (701 Oakland Avenue) or the Recreation and Research Complex (i.e., "the Farm"), located about one mile east of the main campus on Eden Terrace Avenue. The Winthrop Farm has a number of spaces used by biology students for teaching and learning. They include a wetlands, lake, woods, and succession plots, whereby students can observe changes in the environment.  Review the list of available projects here.

For more information and if you want to discuss possible project ideas, e-mail the contacts for Scout projects, Mr. Chris Johnson, Winthrop's Sustainability Coordinator, and Dr. Cheryl Fortner, Professor of Psychology. 

Scout Responsibilities

To help ensure adequate progress and successful completion of the projects, we ask the following of each Scout:

  • Scouts will complete the forms linked at the bottom of this page and collect completed forms for all volunteers before they begin working on your project at Winthrop. Specifically, the Scout is responsible for ensuring all adult volunteers and legal guardians of youth volunteers have completed and signed the photo release, liability waiver, and emergency contact/insurance information forms linked below. The forms must be collected before work starts and the completed forms must be onsite each workday.
  • Scouts will meet with Winthrop personnel to review possible projects. Winthrop employees can provide information about the available resources, university policies and required forms, and project requirements.
  • Scouts who commit to a project at Winthrop should communicate with their Winthrop contacts within six months. At that time the Scout should provide a tentative timeline for project completion.
  • Once the Scout commits to a project, he/she should touch base every three months thereafter. If we don't hear from a Scout at these regular intervals, we will make the Scout's project available to other Scouts.
  • As the project progresses, the Scout will provide all proofs of designs and plans, language for signs, and the like need to her/his Winthrop contact for approval. This will occur prior to submission to the Scout leadership or ordering materials.
  • Sometimes Scouts change their minds and decide to do a project elsewhere. Should this occur, please notify your Winthrop contacts so we can make the project available to other Scouts.
  • On work days, Scouts will recycle waste items whenever possible. 

Required Forms for Scout Projects

  1. Read Getting Your Scout Project Underway and complete the attached Project Information Form (pdf - 424 kb)
  2. After committing to a project, but before work begins: read, sign, and submit the Scout Responsibilities Statement (pdf - 142 kb)
  3. Before the Scout and volunteers begin work, collect signed copies of both of the following forms. Every adult and youth volunteer must be covered by signed waivers. For volunteers under the age of 18, the youth's parent or legal guardian must sign the forms (regardless of who transports the youth to the worksite).