Work Requests: Set-Ups, Moves, & Surplus Property

Due to the large number of requests and the need for scheduling our limited resources, we need to have as much lead time as possible in order to meet the needs of the campus community. Please submit a work request here for moves, set ups, and removal of surplus property.

For an event set up, please use the Winthrop Space Reservation System. If a set up diagram is necessary, please fax a diagram to 803/323-4295 after use of the space has been granted - please be specific.

For surplus property:

  1. Department prepares and signs your Surplus Asset Form I-2
  2. Department requests Facilities to pick up the items (separate work request to Facilities) You may attach a copy of the I-2 Form to your request.
  3. Facilities signs your Surplus Asset Form indicating they are taking possession of the item. This completes the Surplus asset form.
  4. You retain the original Surplus Asset Form and e-mail/copy it to the Materials Services ManagerProperty Manager, and the Controller's Office.

Other surplus forms:

  • Request for Relief of Accountability for Property Form I-1
  • Change in University Property Form I-3

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please e-mail or call Chris Hodgdon, Property Manager at 803/323-2492.