Suggested Scout Projects

Below is a list of possible projects scouts may choose from.  However, scouts are welcome to make suggestions if they have something they want to do or see a need that would benefit Winthrop University. 

Project Name


Estimated Cost 


Theme Garden Do you have a favorite artist, composer, author, or naturalist who mentions plants in their work? Design a garden in their honor.  There are several locations on campus where these may be located. $200+                    Available         
Restore North Tillman  Courtyard (#1) Design and plan a small garden with decorative plants, a seating area, and/or sculpture. Use your creativity to make this a really special place.  Steps limit access to the site. $500+ In progress
Restore South Tillman  Courtyard (#2) Refurbish a second small courtyard near Tillman Hall.  A possible project could include building a raised bed for gardening. Access is limited by passage width and height into the courtyard. $300+ Available
Tree Guide Design and write an interpretive tree guide for the Main Campus or the Recreation and Research Complex.  This project may expand the existing interpretive tree hike that includes 30 trees. $200+ Available
Tree Campus Plan Goals  Select and complete goals included in the Winthrop University Campus Tree Plan.  If project proposes to plant trees on the Main Campus or the Farm, there is a limit of 10 trees per Scout and trees must be planted between December and February. $150+ per tree Available
Covered Information       Sign Design a covered information sign near the Winthrop Woods and succession plot area. $800+ Available
Clean Up #1 The eastern edge of Winthrop Woods (University Avenue side) is to improve the appearance as well as improve natural conditions for wildlife.  The project includes removing and disposing of large debris and recycling when appropriate.  $200+ Available
Clean Up #2   (reoccurring need) Winthrop Lake and Wetland Area to remove trash/litter from the watershed, improve the appearance, prevent trash/litter from continuing downstream, and protect wildlife and aquatic life.  (Use of canoes is allowed with permission from Campus Police). $200+ Available
Clean Up #3 Research Area on the west side of the Winthrop Woods and South of Belk Track to improve the appearance and improve natural conditions for wildlife.  $200+ Available
Tables Build tables to be used for learning at Community Garden and Department of Human Nutrition. $1,000+ Available
Rain Garden Restore and expand existing rain garden. $400+ Available
Outdoor Seating Spaces Improve existing seating spaces at various locations. (Example: install landscape and brick pavers). $500+ Available
Bee Hotel Research, build, and install native bee hotel in the Rock Hill Educational Community Garden.  $150+ Available