Counseling Services


Shardae R. Nelson, M.S.W

What impact did the Counseling Services Internship Program have on your pursuit of your professional goals?

My experience working with Counseling Services as the case manager gave me insight into the complicated issues that some students face while progressing through college.  I also grew to better understand the barriers that some students face when trying to access the resources that they need. I strengthened my case management skills, including my ability to assess student issues, brainstorm/plan with them in order to work toward addressing their issues, and to coordinate with others (on- and off-campus) who played a role in assisting the students.  I use these skills on a daily basis in my current professional role.

Where are you now?

I am currently working as the assistant coordinator for the Office of Accessibility at Winthrop University.

Where do you go from here?

I am new to working with students who live with disabilities.  I enjoy learning about this population and being able to assist the students as they progress through college.  I am happy with my current work and hope to continue to learn and mature as a social worker and as someone who advocates on the behalf of individuals with differing abilities.