Counseling Services


James (Jim) McMullen, M.S.Ed., LPCA, NCC

What impact did the Counseling Services Internship Program have on your pursuit of your professional goals?

The Winthrop Counseling Services Internship Program was my first real experience with counseling at the university level.  This was the most rewarding and comprehensive internship program I have ever been involved with.  From the orientation until my last day at this site, I was made to feel like I was not just an intern, but also a key member of the treatment team.  I was encouraged to stretch myself personally and professionally by not only maintaining a steady case-load, but also by participating in campus outreach efforts, putting together a comprehensive psychological evaluation, creating a formal presentation on an area of mental health of my choosing, and even serving on a panel discussion around dating across cultures.  Most importantly, the supervision I took part in was key to the continued development of my clinical skills as a professional counselor.  I really valued being able to sit with my supervisors and develop my case conceptualizations and treatment plans at a deeper level.  I felt like I could go to them whenever I needed consultation as well.  With the Winthrop Counseling Services Internship Program, everything I took part in felt intentional in my development as a professional and I am grateful for the time that I spent there.

Where are you now?

I am a doctoral candidate in counselor education and supervision at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  I have finished up my entire program course work, clinical and teaching internships. I am currently working on my dissertation on the factors that impact professional identity development for clinicians-in-training and serving as a 2015-2016 Leadership Fellow for the international counseling honor society, Chi Sigma Iota.

Where do you go from here?

I hope to be finished with my dissertation by December and hope to obtain a position as an assistant professor in counselor education at a university somewhere in the southeastern part of the United States.