Counseling Services


Amy C.L.Kulbok, MACC, LPC-I

What impact did the Counseling Services Internship Program have on your pursuit of your professional goals?

I was blessed to be able to benefit from several areas of exceptional training this program has to offer.  Counseling Services is staffed by therapists with a variety of educational backgrounds.  Psychology, counseling, and social work perspectives are all offered in clinically beneficial ways to the trainee, resulting in a robust exposure to styles, modalities, methods, and conceptualizations.  Not only are the expertise of the staff counselors invaluable, but their willingness to step in, embrace, and engage clinical challenges has proven to be a vital part of offering interns the chance to develop in a safe, responsible atmosphere.  This kind of openness to share and grow as a team played an integral part in my journey as an intern.  The Winthrop counseling team comes together as a tribe to include and invest in their interns.  An important takeaway from my Winthrop experience as an intern is that I never want to be away from the kind of professional environment that esteems clinical challenge, enthusiasm, creativity, and comradery. 

Where are you now?

I am now currently on staff at Winthrop working as a counselor with the Office of Victim's Assistance.  I am also working as a counselor in local private practice.

Where do you go from here?

My current plan for the foreseeable future is to invest my professional time counseling both at Winthrop and in private practice.