Counseling Services


Patricia Jackson

What impact did the Counseling Services Internship Program have on your pursuit of your professional goals?

My time at Winthrop Counseling Services was a wonderful, supportive, and very educational experience. One of my biggest take-aways that I used when I was searching for full-time work after graduating was the importance of clinical support and community. At Winthrop, the counseling staff was so supportive to me. They made themselves readily available to guide me, listen to my experiences, offer advice and/or comfort, and on so many occasions, make me laugh. It showed me how I need to prioritize that type of community in my future work in order to take care of myself and make sure I wasn't isolated. 

Additionally, Winthrop gave me experience in crisis management, which mixed with the supportive staff was the perfect time to learn. I was also exposed to quite a variety of clinical issues. That helped me to understand better the type of career and specialties I wanted to pursue after graduating. I was able to rule a couple things out, but also I found some things I enjoyed working with that surprised me. 

Where are you now?

I work at Restoration Place Counseling in Greensboro, NC. It is a non-profit that provides reduced rate counseling to women and girls 12+. I work primarily with ages 15-35 and enjoy most working with trauma, self-image/self-esteem, identity, anxiety, spiritual issues, and adjustment/life transitions. 

Where do you go from here?

I want to continue to develop my skills in working with trauma. I have goals to become certified in EMDR and Art Therapy for Trauma.