Health Services Request for Records

How to Obtain Health Records

Download and complete an Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information form (pdf - 29.98 KB). Complete sections 1,2,3,4,6 & 9. Mail, fax or return the form in person to the Center for Student Wellness.
Contact information:
217 Crawford Building, Rock Hill, SC 29733, secure fax: 803/323-3332.
The Center for Student Wellness may implement a reasonable charge for making copies of any clinical record or other document. Charges will not exceed amounts authorized by Section 44-115-80 of the South Carolina Codes, The South Carolina Physician's Patient Records Act.

Confidentiality of Health Records

All conversations, examinations, and interviews with students are covered by state law and ethics of confidentiality. In emergency cases, where life or limb is threatened, the policy of confidentiality will be governed by one of reasonableness and accepted statutes. A student's permission must be given by written consent before Health Services can release specific medical information or any portion of a medical record including releases to parents, university officials, and external agencies.
Notice of Privacy Practices (pdf - 61.38 KB)

Health Records Storage and Maintenance

Although Health Services has transitioned to Electronic Health Records, some past Health Records are stored in paper format under double lock. In accordance with South Carolina state law, these paper Health Records are maintained for a period of ten years after the last date that service was rendered to the pateint, unless otherwise required by law. After that time, charts are destroyed in a manner that assures their confidentiality.