Health Services Frequently Asked Questions

  •  I don’t have my immunization record anymore and now I have an immunization hold on my account preventing me from registering or accessing my grades. What do I do?
    If you are having difficulty obtaining your immunization records, please contact Health Services ASAP. Some information might be available through the South Carolina Immunization Registry. We also offer all of the required immunizations, including lab work to check immunity, called titers. Students must have documented compliance with Winthrop’s immunization requirements to use Health Services, Counseling Services, register for classes, and view grades. Health Services staff are more than happy to assist you with your compliance needs. Please visit our website for the immunization form and instructions. Health Services charges a non-refundable $50 fee the first day of classes for any student who has not fulfilled the immunization requirement.

  • I work full-time so I can’t access CSW during their hours of operation. Why should I have to pay the semester fee?
    CSW operates on an auxiliary budget meaning student fees solely support the offices without other funding from the university. We do not charge office visit fees and have very low charges for services that do incur cost (lab work, immunizations, etc.). As full-time employees, we too have to take time off work for doctor appointments. Health Services offers the convenience of walk-in visits and telephone triage to determine if your symptoms necessitate coming to the clinic. We strive to be a convenient support for your health and wellness needs to enhance your academic performance.
    Even if you choose not to access Health Services, you might benefit from the other assistance we provide at no additional cost such as counseling, wellness programming, victims assistance, and accessibility accommodations for disabilities. These services do require appointments. Please call 803/323-2206 or visit our website for more information about our services.

  • I have private insurance and don’t plan to use Health Services. Why should I have to pay the semester fee?
    We do not charge an office visit fee like community providers. Often, students’ appointments do not incur charges so there is no out of pocket expense. If you do receive a service that has a charge (which is applied to your student account), we provide a receipt that you could submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Health Services does submit claims for students enrolled in Winthrop’s Student Health Insurance Plan that views Health Services as the student’s primary care provider.

  • I need health insurance. How do I access the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?
    Academic Health Plans (AHP) administers the SHIP for Winthrop on behalf of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina. For basic information, visit our website for current benefits flyers and to review AHP’s current policy and enrollment criteria for Winthrop University.

  • I live off campus. Am I still able to use CSW?
    Yes. Regardless of where a student lives, they are still eligible to utilize the Center for Student Wellness as long as they are enrolled in the current semester, have met the immunization requirements, and paid the semester fee. The fee is automatically assessed to undergraduates enrolled in 6 credits or more and graduate students enrolled in 9 credits or more. Students enrolled in fewer credits can opt to

  • Why is there a Center for Student Wellness Fee on my tuition bill?The purpose for the Center for Student Wellness fee on your tuition bill is as follows:
    The Center for Student Wellness Fee supports the operation of all departments within the Center for Student Wellness (excluding a portion of the Office of Accessibility). According to State statutes, the Center for Student Wellness is an auxiliary service. Auxiliary services must support all their activities and they receive no direct State appropriation. This auxiliary fee sustains the Center for Student Wellness operating funds.
    Our fee is less in comparison to other major universities in South Carolina. Some of the covered services include counseling, nurse, and nurse practitioner visits with no office visit fee. The fee also funds our Student Advocacy and Trauma Support and supports our Health Promotion allowing us to offer programming that provides pertinent education on a variety of topics to promote informed, healthy life decisions.
    The Center for Student Wellness fee is assessed to undergraduates enrolled in six or more credit hours/semester and graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours/semester. Students taking fewer credits who wish to utilize Health Services and Counseling Services may voluntarily pay the semester fee.
    Should you have further questions about the reason for this fee on your tuition, please contact Jackie Concodora, the Director of Center for Student Wellness, at 803/323-2206 or e-mail at