Counseling Services

Mandated Assessment Policy

Students may be mandated for a counseling assessment by an external body (e.g. Dean of Students Office).  These students will be evaluated to ascertain personal motivation and goals for counseling.  If a student does not wish to continue with counseling, does not have personal motivation, and has no goals for counseling, Counseling Services staff will not engage in ongoing counseling with them.  In such a case, he or she may be referred to other campus or community resources.  If the mandated goals are beyond Counseling Services’ scope of practice, students will be referred to appropriate resources off campus (e.g. alcohol/drug abuse treatment).

Upon meeting with a student who has been mandated for an assessment, the Counselor will request that the student sign an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information limited to attendance to confirm that attendance with the referral source.  Whether or not the client grants this authorization is at his or her discretion.