Counseling Services

Eligibility for Counseling

Academic Registration Status

As Counseling Services is funded by student tuition and fee dollars, services must be limited to registered Winthrop students - students who are currently registered in an academic semester or summer session at Winthrop University.  These students must have paid the associated Center for Student Wellness fee and be compliant with immunization requirements.

During the summer, special permission to utilize Counseling Services is granted to a non-registered student who was registered in the previous Spring semester and is registered for the upcoming Fall semester.  If this student is not registered for a current summer session, he or she must pay a $10 per session Office Visit fee.  The student must be similarly compliant with immunization requirements.



A Winthrop University Faculty or Staff member may meet with a counselor for a personal consultation with the goal of securing a recommendation for treatment and a referral to a counselor in the community.

Both members of a couple or partnership must be registered Winthrop students in order to be seen for Couples Counseling.


Counseling Student Workers within CSW

Due to the ethical implications around dual relationship and potential conflict of interest, student workers within the Center for Student Wellness (i.e., student worker, GA, Intern, etc.) may not receive counseling at the Center for Student Wellness.  As with other University Faculty or Staff, the student worker may receive a one session consultation to seek referral information in the community.  A staff counselor may follow up with the student worker to ensure successful connection to a community agency.


Continuity of Care 

If an individual was a Counseling Services client in the past, and requires psychological care while he or she is a non-student, a counselor or the case manager will make reasonable efforts to work with the individual to secure appropriate care in the community.


Loss of Eligibility

A student may forfeit eligibility to receive services for six months if he or she misses more than two scheduled appointments.