Instructional Technology

The ITC exists to help College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences faculty, staff, and students integrate instructional technology into their courses and out in our partner schools. We offer several professional development opportunities throughout the year through the Center for Professional Excellence and the Rex Institute.

The ITC is constantly looking for materials that are beneficial to students through instructional technology integration. If you have suggestions for additional items we should carry in the ITC, please reach out to us at

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some local schools and are creating a repository of instructional technology resources for students and staff.

See below for links to some of the materials we have gathered and created for you. Our overview document (PDF - 365 kb) explains a little bit about the items we currently have.


 Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



Little Bits


Makey Makey

Star Wars Droid



 Robotics/Computer Science


Circuit Playground

Coding/ Programming Ideas

Kano Computer

Lego WeDo



Sphero/ Ollie/ BB8

 Other Items

3D Printing

Assistive Technology


Break Out Kits

Digital Microscopes

Green Screen

Science Probes


South Carolina Profile of a Graduate Skills


Technology Standards

Most states have their own technology standards which are based off of the standards written by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). ISTE has developed standards for students, teachers, and other technology professionals. As you are planning on integrating technology into your instruction, keep in mind the technology standards used in South Carolina.


SC Computer Science and Digital Literacy Standards

K-8 Standards adopted in May 2017 (PDF - 461 kb)

Take a look at some of the resources we have gathered to help you teach students more about computer science and digital literacy.


South Carolina Department of Education Standards of Learning


ISTE Standards

ISTE Standards for Students
ISTE Standards for Teachers
ISTE Standards for Administrators


Items to Consider as you are Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Mapping Content and Technology Standards (PDF - 397 kb)

  • Ask your host teacher to give you a "technology tour" at your school so that you know what you have access to. This should include introductions to the school or district technology specialist, a quick overview of the technology hardware and software available for checkout, and the Acceptable Use Policy or Responsible Use Policy that is in place at the school.
  • Be sure to ask how often students have access to technology and what their skill level is so that you can plan appropriately.
  • Remember that technology is a tool and not all projects or lessons need to have a technology component in them.
  • Plan ahead. Ask for the equipment that you need before you need it. Test the equipment or software and run through the lesson before you teach it.
  • Have a backup plan in case the technology does not work that day.