mBot is an educational robot for students to learn hands-on experience in the fields of graphical programming, electronics, and robotics. It designed for STEAM Education. mBot works several different ways, both with mobile devices and desktop computers.


For drag and drop programming, begin with the mBlock app, which is appropriate for students with little to no programming knowledge. The Makeblock app progresses to more imaginative thinking as students program their robots to move in various ways. For more advanced drag and drop programming, students can use the mBlock software on either a Mac or PC. For more information about these tools, check out Makeblock's web page here.  

In addition to the basic mBots, there are kits or sensors that can be added in order to enhance the mBot to perform additional tasks. Kits can be found here.  

Makeblock now has a new education site with more information and resources for how to use their equipment.  

You can also visit the ITC's YouTube page for a basic tutorial on using mBots.