What are Ozobots?

Ozobots are little robots that are designed as an introduction to coding.  Students use color combinations to move the ozobot on a path from one location to another.  The possibilities for using this are endless!

Take a look at our short video on how to use the Ozobot to learn more.

Ozobot Bit

The Bit is the 1st generation Ozobot.

Take a look at the Ozobot website for more information, tutorials, and ideas for educators.  The OzoBlog includes ideas for using Ozobots as well.  https://blog.ozobot.com/

Introduction to coding document using Ozobots and Scratch.(pdf - 275KB)

Ozobot Evo

The Ozobot Evo is a more advanced version of the Ozobot Bit.  This robot has sounds, interactions, and a series of lights that can all be used to enhance play or education.

Take a look at our Evo document (pdf - 218KB) that guides you through the differences between these two models, which includes links to additional information and training, or view our video which gives a quick overview of the Evo.

Using Ozobots in the classrooms

Here are some examples of how ozobots can be used.

Use the ozobots on top of maps to simulate the journey from one location to another. In the example below, the journey was from England to the 13 colonies, but you could simulate the Lewis and Clark expedition, journeys of explorers, and battle lines as well.

13 colonies activity (pdf - 73KB)

Push/Pull activity (pdf - 214KB)

Ozobot resources

These codes come directly from the ozobot web site.

Ozobot codes (pdf - 432KB)

These stickers we made using the codes above.  They are not perfect, but if you worry about students being able to draw the colors correctly, these can be printed on clear Avery labels and then cut out.

Ozobot stickers (pdf - 367KB)