Equipment Checkout

College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences students, faculty and staff may check out equipment from the ITC.  Below you will find our Equipment Checkout Policy, Equipment Check Out form, and an equipment list explaining what equipment we have available. You can also stop by and talk with us in person if you have questions about equipment needs.

Equipment List(PDF - 259KB) - Use this list to see the amount and types of equipment available for checkout
ITC Equipment Checkout Policy
(PDF - 442 KB) - Our policies have been updated. Please read before checking out equipment.

Equipment Checkout Form (PDF - 394 KB) - Use this form to reserve equipment from the ITC

Classroom Set Checkout Form (PDF - 277 KB) - Use this form when checking out more than 4 pieces of the same type of equipment per our policy.

Cable and Adapter Guide (PDF - 10.3MB) - Use this list to see the different adaptors and cords we have available for checkout.

Local Area Teacher Checkout Form (pdf -858 KB) - This form is to be used by teachers in the Winthrop Partnership Network who have attended professional development sessions in the ITC and wish to try instructional technology tools in their classrooms.