edTPA Documents and Tutorials

edTPA Sign-Up Genius

2023 edTPA procedures for students (PDF - 742 KB)

2023 edTPA Boot Camp PPT (PDF - 484 KB)

edTPA Equipment Tutorial

Teacher Education Video Release Form (pdf - 276 KB) - For use by teacher candidates before the edTPA process begins

Please look at these documents and tutorials to help you film, export the video to a computer, edit your clips, and compress the file for VIA/SLL.

The ITC You Tube Channel has many short video segments to help you during these processes!

Before you Film / Using the Video Camera

Video camera tips and filming advice - edTPA Manual

Using a Wireless Microphone

Using the Canon microphones - Canon WM-V1 Microphone Directions

Exporting and Clipping Your Video

Exporting from the video camera- Exporting Your Video (PDF - 347 KB)

Clipping your video using the Microsoft Photos app- edTPA Clipping Using Photos app (PDF - 851 KB) for Windows 10 machines

Clipping your video using Adobe Premier - Clipping Using Adobe Premiere Pro (PDF - 474 KB)

Clipping your video using iMovie- Clipping Using iMovie (PDF - 1457 KB)

Clipping your video using Microsoft Moviemaker for Windows 8 or older- Clipping Using Moviemaker (PDF - 458 KB)

Compressing Your Video and Uploading into Student Learning & Licensure

Compressing your video - Using HandBrake to Compress Videos (PDF - 511 KB)

Please note that if you are compressing your movie using Handbrake on a Mac:

  • In the area to save your file, change the location to your desktop.
  • Some of the screenshots are slightly different than the view you will see on the Mac.

Student Learning & Licensure Support

Blurring Faces

Blurring a face using Adobe Premier - Adobe Premiere Pro Blurring Faces (PDF - 464 KB)