Winthrop University: Feria SCSC 2023

Feria SCSC 2023

Join us Friday, March 31st at Winthrop University!

for a Spanish and French speaking, writing, and spelling competition for your students of all levels.


What is Feria SCSC? Feria SCSC is a competition for middle and high school students of Spanish and French in the areas of Timed Writing, Impromptu Speaking, and Spelling Bee.

Where is Feria SCSC? DiGiorgio Campus Center, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

When is Feria SCSC? March 31, 2023  

Should I do anything now? We would love a quick e-mail ( telling us you are interested.

What are my next steps? Select 16 students! Fill out a registration form. Go to our payment portal to register your team! Registration deadline is Friday, March 3, 2022.

How much does it cost? $30 per team and $10 for student (includes on campus lunch).

Who do I contact with questions: Valerie Jepson, ( or Spanish Tertulia (


Eligibility: Students are required to have a 2.O G.P.A. for the grading period preceding the competition passing at least all but one class.


Categories: Student participants will be divided into the following categories:

(A)Students who have ONLY learned Spanish/French exclusively in the classroom (level 2+).

(B)Students with limited outside experience at home or in a Spanish/French-speaking environment.

(C)Students with extensive outside experience at home or in a Spanish/French-speaking environment.

(D)Students reared and educated in a Spanish/French-speaking environment.

(M) Middle school students 

(MO) An option for middle school students who have completed less than one semester of Spanish

NEW 2023! French students


A BIG thanks to the Rex Institute for sponsoring FERIA SCSC.

A BIG thanks to Spanish Tertulia for hosting FERIA SCSC.


Topics for ALL Competitions!


SPANISH FRENCH - Coming February2023!
Impromptu Speaking (Even & Odd years)           Impromptu Speaking
Timed Writing Timed Writing 
Spelling Bee Spelling Bee
Middle School Topics  


Feria Rubrics

Tips and Tricks- COMING SOON

Registration and Pricing

Last Updated: 3/8/23