Undergraduate Admissions

Winthrop University admits all qualified applicants and offers equal educational opportunities regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, or disability.

All students who wish to take a course or courses at Winthrop University must complete an application for admission.  This includes students who wish to take a course for credit or audit a course.  Admitted students must register for classes and remit the applicable fees.

Admission to Winthrop is competitive. Enrollment is maintained at a level that permits personal interaction between students and professors and allows Winthrop to offer an exemplary undergraduate education. Winthrop carefully reviews each applicant on an individual basis and the admission process is designed to determine the right match between high-achieving students and the distinctive educational opportunities offered at Winthrop University.

All applicant files for undergraduate admission (excluding international applications) are reviewed by the Office of Admissions, and this office is solely responsible for rendering the admissions decision for undergraduate applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents.

Admissions Notification Dates
Spring Admission
Spring admission letters are mailed beginning on September 1. Applicants are notified within two weeks after the application becomes complete.

Fall Admission
Fall admission letters are mailed on the 20th of each month beginning in October for all applications that are complete by the first of the same month.

Admissions Enrollment Fee
Students admitted for the summer/fall semester must pay a $300 admissions enrollment fee by the date stated in the letter of admission to reserve a space in the incoming class. (The enrollment fee should not be submitted until the student has confirmed his/her plans to enroll at Winthrop.  The enrollment cannot be refunded.) 

The enrollment fee is deducted from the first semester tuition and fees. Students admitted for the spring semester, non-degree and adult students (25 and older) are not required to pay the enrollment fee. 

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