Non-Degree Applicants

All students taking undergraduate courses who are not working toward a degree are classified as non-degree/special students. These students must apply and submit the appropriate credentials. A student admitted as an undergraduate special student may not change the status to that of a regular student without submitting an application and meeting regular admission requirements.

Students admitted to any of the following special student categories may enroll only in those courses for which they have received approval from the dean of the college offering the courses. The following types of undergraduate special students can be considered for admission to Winthrop University:

Pre-College Credit Student

Qualified high school juniors and seniors may enroll at Winthrop University during the regular academic year or summer session. To qualify, students must have earned a cumulative grade average of 3.0 and must be recommended by their high school counselor or principal. Credit earned in this manner will count as full credit for those students who subsequently enroll as regular students at Winthrop. Students must submit an application, high school transcript, and test scores for consideration as a freshman applicant.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Student

This admission status is designed to meet the needs of the student who is not seeking a degree. Please note that several restrictions apply (see below) and the Office of Admissions reserves the right to determine the admissions status of a prospective applicant.

  1. Courses completed under this status carry full University credit; however, none of the hours are applicable to a degree until the student qualifies for admission to a degree program. The applicability of courses completed under this status will be determined by the appropriate academic department should a student subsequently enroll in a degree program. 
  2. Course work completed at Winthrop as an undergraduate non-degree student will not be considered for admissions purposes should a student subsequently apply for admission to a degree program.
  3. To be eligible to enroll, the student must have completed high school two or more years ago.
  4. Applicants who have been officially denied admission as degree-seeking students are not eligible for admission as a non-degree student. *
  5. Applicants who would not qualify for admission as a degree-seeking student are not eligible for admission as a non-degree student.*
  6. Special students may enroll for a total of twelve semester hours under this status. Subsequent enrollment (after twelve hours) requires the submission of an application and credentials for a degree-seeking applicant.

*Note: Applicants who cannot be admitted under the Undergraduate Non-Degree status may not audit courses. 

Visiting/Transient Student

Students enrolled at other institutions who wish to take undergraduate courses for credit at Winthrop for transfer back to their home institutions may enroll as visiting/transient students. Admissions is based on the written approval of the applicant's home college/university. The written approval must list courses to be taken at Winthrop and provide a statement of academic good standing. Students should submit an official copy of their transcript to the Office of Admissions if the course they wish to take at Winthrop requires a pre-requisite. (See the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions.) Visiting students must be readmitted each semester by the Office of Records and Registration.