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Web Advertising Options

Campus Events & Activities

University Communications and Marketing Options

There are times when a department or group might wish to advertise an event or activity via the Winthrop University official Web sites. There are several options for Web advertising:

  • Press Release
    • Web address: /news-events
    • Details: Press releases about events, awards, programs and other success stories at Winthrop are posted on the university’s Web site on a frequent basis.
    • Contact: Please contact the News & Media Services Manager for more information.
  • Winthrop's Social Networking Sites (SNS)
    • Web address: /web/sns
    • Details: Winthrop has several “official” SNS accounts, but Facebook is by far the most powerful marketing tool of them all. Events of interest to a broad audience are advertised on the university's Facebook account on a regular basis.
    • Contact: Please contact the Webmaster for more information.

Note: All submissions will be evaluated to determine appropriateness
of both content and graphic. 

Additional Options

There are additional outlets for advertising university events, including:

Special Options

High priority advertising is available for some university-wide events. Such events typically occur once or twice per year and have printed pieces related to the event (i.e. Homecoming and Preview Day). The University Communications and Marketing graphic designer may be asked to create a graphic for use in the following locations:

  • Winthrop Home Page - spotlight graphics appear in the "News & More" section above the footer on the university home page
  • CMS graphics - buttons and/or banners appear on key pages throughout the university's CMS site

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Last Updated: 10/5/22