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Content Management System

Author Tips

There are some things that web authors can do to properly maintain their CMS pages:

  • Determine what content should be added to the CMS and what content can be archived or purged.
    • What information is important to your visitors?
    • What content is vital to the department's mission?
      Note: ALL departments will display the official departmental mission statement on the website.
  • Check content:
    • Fix all dead links.
    • Ensure content is complete, accurate, and current.
    • Move all faculty web pages to the server.
  • Think about what graphical elements might strengthen site content:
    • Photography
    • Custom buttons (View buttons currently available.)
    • Remove all unnecessary graphics from your site.
      Rule of thumb: If the graphic does not add value, it should be deleted.
  • Remove all unnecessary tables.
    Important: All tables used for layout alone are NOT needed and should be deleted!
  • Rename ALL files with spaces in the names.
    Example: File name.pdf should be changed to file-name.pdf OR filename.pdf OR FileName.pdf
  • Convert all Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to Adobe PDF files.
    Note: Contact the Help Desk if Adobe installation is needed on a computer.
  • Ensure that Winthrop rules are followed for all links:
    • If the link is going to a Winthrop page, then you do NOT need to spawn a new window.
    • If the link is going to a non-Winthrop page (i.e. third party site), then you DO need to spawn a new window.
    • Typically, if the PDF is a fill-in-able form, spawn a new window. If it is for information purposes only, then do not spawn a new window. Each situation is unique and ultimately determined by the web developer & author.

Last update: 03/06/18

Last Updated: 10/5/22