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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Management System

Template Parts

FAQ question  Where do I go to login to the CMS?

FAQ Answer   Great question! This web address will remain the same, so feel free to bookmark it. /login.aspx

FAQ question  Is there a choice of what links will appear in the left sidebar menu?

FAQ Answer   Yes. A common set of links are present on most college and departmental sites for consistency's sake and to orient the visitor. Each area inevitably will have the need to provide visitors access to area-specific information.

FAQ question  Must every site have Quick Links?

FAQ Answer   No, Quick Links are optional and are used to showcase links to information that might otherwise be difficult to find and/or that would be of interest to visitors of a particular site.

FAQ question  Must every site have buttons?

FAQ Answer   No, buttons are optional. Positioned beneath the Quick Links box, custom buttons allow for department-specific and common content to be highlighted in a graphical way.

Content Population

FAQ question  If another part of Winthrop's site has the same information that needs to be displayed on my site, do I have to recreate the content?

FAQ Answer   No. Part of the beauty of using a CMS is the opportunity to reuse content. Reusable content is easier to maintain, ensures information accuracy, and reduces the amount of duplicate information on the site. The Web developer can further explain how to take advantage of reusable content and can assist you with linking to such content as needed.

FAQ question  What is the proper way to use the CMS font styles?

FAQ Answer   Six header styles and various other font styles are provided for CMS users. View the CMS style sheet online.
Note: No header text or other style should be used to simply apply a specific style (font color, size, etc.) to content.  Header styles are reserved for header text, because screen readers use the code to help the visually impaired navigate a site.  For this reason, please refrain from applying font styles inappropriately.

FAQ question  How should hyperlinks be treated?

FAQ Answer   Internal links (links to pages on should open in the same browser window. External links (go to pages not on should spawn new windows so that the original content remains easily available to the visitor. For more details on links, please review the "Style and Format" section of Winthrop's Web Policy.


FAQ question  The CMS Web addresses are constructed differently than what I am used to seeing. Will you explain the parts of the CMS URL?

FAQ Answer   For a thorough explanation of the CMS URL, visit the "CMS: Web Addresses" page. If your area has a need to print or share Web addresses often, speak to the Web developer regarding your option for simplifying the syntax.

FAQ question  Will the CMS help me ensure my site is Section 508 compliant?

FAQ Answer   Yes. The CMS has many built in features that help authors build compliant content. Look for the wheelchair icon when populating content and be sure to fill in text boxes where the wheelchair appears. For assistance with Section 508 compliance, visit the "Accessibility Initiative" site.

FAQ question  Why isn't my alias (friendly URL) working?

FAQ Answer  Keep in mind that each department is limited to a total of ten active aliases at any given time.  When an alias is not working, use the following checklist to troubleshoot:

  1. Check to make sure the alias was created.
  2. Make sure the alias does not go to a library item (i.e. pdf).
  3. Ensure the path is accurate and without typos.
  4. Be sure the correct template is used.

Last Updated: 8/1/19