Winthrop University: Request Benefits

Request Benefits

Requesting to Use Federal V.A. Education Benefits: 

All of the information and/or forms below are required to process your benefits. Enrollment is certified with the VA each semester. Failure to complete the required forms may cause delays in processing and certification. All forms can be submitted digitally via the links below.

*Note: Eligibility is determined by the VA, not Winthrop University. To determine eligibility for any educational benefit, please contact the VA directly. 


New Students (First time using benefits at Winthrop University)

Required forms to recieve benefits:

  1. Certificate of Eligibility 
    • The Certificate of Eligibility is documentation that shows that a student is recieving VA Benefits. If you do not have a Certificate of Eligibility, please contact the VA in order to obtain a copy. 
    • Submit your Certificate of Eligibility - Submit COE
  2. Student Profile Sheet and Compliance Agreement 
  3. Certification Request Form
Yellow Ribbon Program
SC Tuition Assistance for Certain War Veterans’ Children
  • If you are using Ch. 35 benefits and are a resident of SC, you may be eligible for this benefit. 
    • Application
    • Eligibility for this program is determined by the State of South Carolina. Benefits from this program are awarded by the Governor of South Carolina.


*If you are a transfer student and have used VA benefits at another school, you will need to transfer your benefits to Winthrop University. Information on that process can be found on the VA Website.


Need help keeping track of what steps you have completed towards recieving VA Benefits at Winthrop? Check out this New Student Checklist!


Requesting Tuition Assistance: 

Winthrop University does not determine eligibility or awards for any education, nor does anyone at the institution initiate the request for benefits. That is done through the following portals:

Federal TA funding

South Carolina TA funding

Last Updated: 3/21/23