Request Benefits

Using Federal VA Education Benefits at Winthrop: 

All of the information and/or forms below are required to process your federal VA benefits. Complete the following instructions to avoid delays in processing and certification.

Please Note: Eligibility is determined by the federal VA, not Winthrop University. All students must apply for and be approved by the VA for any educational benefit before the VA will pay out based on Winthrop's enrollment certification.

Using VA benefits for the first time at Winthrop University:

  1. After you have applied and been approved for a federal education benefit, the VA will mail you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter. Please keep this for your records.
  2. After attending a Winthrop orientation (in-person or virtual) session, first-time freshmen and transfer students will receive an email with information about the VA benefits certification process and a link to the online certification request form where they can attach a copy of their COE. First-time graduate students will receive the same information after they register for classes.
  3. VA Benefits will communicate with students who have requested certification through Winthrop email. Please make sure messages from are not going to your junk or spam folders.
  4. The VA will begin paying the monthly stipend after the school reviews and certifies student enrollment. Students generally begin receiving payments during the month after school starts for the semester.

Transfer students: 

  • If you have used a federal VA benefit at another school, you will also need to transfer your benefits to Winthrop University.
  • Dependent students who have previously used SC Tuition Assistance for Certain War Veterans’ Children at another SC college or university are required to request a transfer letter directly from the SCDVA office at 803-647-2434 as soon as possible after admission to avoid any delays in payment. Learn more about using the SCDVA tuition waiver at Winthrop here (.pdf).

Tuition assistance programs for use with federal VA benefits:

Winthrop University does not determine eligibility or awards for any federal or state military tuition assistance program, nor does anyone at the institution initiate the request for benefits.

SC Tuition Assistance for Certain War Veterans’ Children

  • SC tuition assistance is a state benefit administered by the SC Department of Veterans Affairs (SCDVA) that is separate from federal VA education benefits. Dependent students who are eligible for federal VA benefits under Chapter 35 DEA or Chapter 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill do not automatically receive the SCDVA tuition assistance benefit. Students should apply for this benefit as soon as possible after high school graduation.

  • If you are a SC resident using Chapter 35 or Chapter 33 dependent benefits to pursue an undergraduate degree, you may be eligible for a tuition waiver offered through the SCDVA tuition assistance program. To learn more about eligibility requirements and submit an application for this state educational benefit, go to

  • Winthrop's Financial Aid Office will award the tuition waiver when they receive a letter of eligibility for a new student, or a transfer letter, from the SCDVA. Financial Aid will automatically apply the grant each term, including summer, for continuing tuition waiver recipients who are registered for classes. Learn more about using the SCDVA tuition waiver at Winthrop here (.pdf).

Yellow Ribbon Program

  • If you are a student receiving Ch. 33 benefits who lives outside of SC, you may be eligible for Yellow Ribbon. More information about this program can be found here. 

Section 702 Veterans Choice Act for in-state tuition

  • Veterans, active duty military, and their dependents may be eligible to pay in-state tuition if they are using Chapters 33 or 35 benefits. Winthrop will automatically award a waiver to any students using Chapters 33 or 35 who can prove that they are residing in SC, including living in residence halls on campus. No application is necessary. Please note that students who receive a waiver under this provision will lose eligibility for nonresident scholarships, waivers and grants.

Department of Defense military tuition assistance (federal program)

SC National Guard Active Military & Veterans Educational & Career Training (state program)