Transfer Student Support Services

ACAD 300

ACAD 300: Principles of the Learning Academy for Transfer Students is designed for transfer students during their first semester at the university to build upon previous experiences and skill sets to ensure success at Winthrop University. This course will provide this unique student population an opportunity to review their previous college experience(s), evaluate and enhance existing academic success skills, and identify goals as a Winthrop student. Additionally, students will connect with resources specific to Winthrop University and develop a plan of action for the remainder of their undergraduate career.
By participating in this course, you can:

  • Help ease the potential "transfer shock" that may exist by starting at a new institution

  • Learn about all the great resources available to you on Winthrop's campus.

  • Find ways to get involved on campus that meets your interests

  • Earn 1-credit above 299 (You have to have 40 credits above 299 to graduate!)

New transfer students may register for ACAD 300 via Wingspan.


On Campus Opportunities

Transfer students are encouraged to hit the ground running when they arrive on Winthrop's campus to get involved. Just because you've transferred, means you have not missed out on the great experiences Winthrop has to offer.
We would encourage you to look into:


Tau Sigma

Tau Sigma is a National Honor Society that recognizes the academic achievements of transfer students following their first semester at Winthrop University.  Transfer students are invited to join following the completion of their first semester. Selection of students is competitive and limited to students who represent the top 20% of their cohort and/or earn a minimum 3.5 GPA for their first semester.

In addition to receiving recognition for their academic achievement, Tau Sigma members have the opportunity to participate in events that give back to the community, as well as network with and mentor other transfer students. For information about Winthrop's Tau Sigma chapter, please contact University College Academic Advising. Information about Tau Sigma can also be found at With the establishment of our Delta Nu chapter of Tau Sigma, Winthrop became the 108th institution to establish a chapter of the Tau Sigma Honor Society.