Student Resources

Welcome to our Student Resources page! Students, please explore these resources as well as the pages under the Student Services menu. For technology support, please contact the Service Desk or visit the Technology Services Office (TSO) in McBryde. You can also find additional support on our FAQ page. 

General Resources


    To connect to the University’s e-mail, visit



    To access grades, courses, registration, etc., visit



    To access online courses taught via Blackboard, visit


    ID Cards

    For lost, damaged or defective cards, call 803/323-4774
    (Note: Building access is NOT managed by the Technology Services Office. All access-related questions should be directed to the card access building coordinator for the specific building to which you need access.)


    Computer Labs

    To refresh your print balance, visit
    To find out about ACC labs and lab hours, visit our Lab Hours and Operation page or call 803/323-2400.

    For questions about Blackboard, please contact the Office of Online Learning at or review their Student Training and Resources page.


Account Information

    Passwords should be changed regularly to keep our network secure. For students, we recommend changing your password each year. 

    To reset your student password, you can visit our Change Password page. If you forgot your password, you can use the Self-Service Password Reset process. Visit Wingspan or another Winthrop-authenticated application and in the login window, click "Forgot my password." Follow the prompts to confirm your identity and set a new password. Full instructions can be found below.

    Using Self-Service Password Reset 

    A user account will give you full access to the student computer labs on the Winthrop University campus, including space to create a personal web page and access to the lab printers. You will also receive a web-based E-mail account.

    If you do not already have a user account, please submit a New Account Request.

    Once you have your account, you can log on to the lab computers. Follow the on-screen instructions until you get to the point where you are asked for a username and password. Enter your personal username and password in the appropriate blank. If your lab computer has a third box labeled DOMAIN, make sure ACC is selected.

    Depending on the application you are trying to log into, you will need to use one of three formats of your student username.

    Your student username is the first part of your e-mail address which includes your last name, first initial, and a number. For example, "smitha2" is the username for "".


    Username Only

    Example: smitha2


    E-mail Address



    Extended E-mail Address


    • Setting up Gmail app on mobile devices (you will use your username to sign in after intial setup)


    ***For additional third party applications like Turnitin or class-specific accounts, please refer to the instructions or FAQ for each application.***

    In case of an emergency, the Winthrop University Police Department will issue a WU Alert which will send emergency information via a phone call and a text message. All students, faculty, and staff should sign up to receive WU Alerts

    Winthrop University uses a pay-as-you-go system where all print jobs going to a lab printer are deducted from a user's quota. The cost of a print job is deducted as soon as the job is submitted and regardless of the final outcome. In fact, print jobs that jam in the printer are still deducted from a user's quota.

    At the beginning of each semester, each user quota is refreshed with a free $10 allowance. This allowance is designed to cover basic printing needs as well as all potential system problems that may happen during the semester.

    Replenishing a quota is very easy and convenient. The whole process is Web based and takes effect immediately. Simply go to Print Activity and follow the instructions.


Hardware Information

    Beginning fall 2022, all students are required to purchase a laptop to use for classwork. All details about the Laptop Campus Program can be found on our Student Laptops page. 

    Personal wireless printers are not permitted in residence halls, however, students may have personal printers that use a wired connection to a student’s computer. Wireless printers interfere with the campus network, can allow for unauthorized printing by someone other than the printer’s owner, and can create vulnerabilities in campus Internet security. If you are bringing a personal printer to campus, please make sure it uses a USB connection and turn off any wireless capabilities.

    Gaming systems and consoles are permitted in residence halls. If your console requires access to the network, please submit a Special Network Access Form.

    Some video streaming devices require access to the wireless network. Unfortunately, those devices are made for home use and may not work on an enterprise network such as Winthrop’s. In particular, streaming devices that are controlled by a mobile phone are not likely to work properly. For example, Chromecast does not work reliably. On the other hand, devices that include a separate remote (such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV) should work. Please note that these devices will not be supported by IT and also that, when connected, your device may be visible to any and all other users on the campus network.


Network Information

    Use our Wireless Instructions document for assistance connecting to winthropsecure.

    Also, be sure to 'forget' the WinthropGuest network. Computers and mobile devices are programmed to remember the wireless networks that they connect to. Although very helpful in most cases, that feature can also be a hinderance.

    If you notice that your device keeps connecting to WinthropGuest instead of Winthropsecure, be sure to go into the Wi-Fi settings and “forget” WinthropGuest. This will prevent your device from randomly connecting to the wrong network while you are on campus.

    For gaming consoles, please submit the Special Network Access form.

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