Computer Lab Rules and Policies

The Department of Academic Computing provides computer labs to support the instructional program at Winthrop University. As a result, the following rules and policies are in effect:

  • NO PORN. State law prohibits the display of pornographic material in public places.
  • Absolutely NO food or drinks are allowed in the lab.
  • Only registered Winthrop students, faculty and staff can use the lab.
  • Do not LOCK any lab PC.
  • Do NOT install unauthorized software on the lab computers. This includes chat programs, chess, and other games.
  • Keep the noise level at a minimum. Do not use cell phones.
  • Save all your work to removable media or your Z: drive. Do NOT save work to the local (C:) hard drive.
  • Do NOT make changes to the computers or installed software. This includes changes to the desktop, icons, and taskbar.
  • Users not working on homework assignments may be asked to relinquish their computers to those students needing to do homework.
  • Instructions from lab operators and other technology staff members must be adhered to when using Academic Computing equipment or facilities.
  • Lab Operators are not responsible for knowing all installed software.
  • Lab users are held accountable for all posted rules and policies.
  • The Acceptable Use of IT Resources and Web policies will be enforced in all Academic Computing facilities.

These policies are subject to change as warranted by the instructional program. E-mail comments to 

Save your work frequently!