Computer Account Information

A user account will give you full access to the student computer labs on the Winthrop University campus, including 100 MB of hard drive space on the server, space to create a personal web page, and access to the lab printers. You will also receive a web-based E-mail account.

If you do not already have a user account, click on New Account Request under "Student Services" in the left menu.

From the computer labs

This information is for use in the labs ONLY. This is not for use in residence halls.


Once you have your account, you can log on to the lab computers. Follow the on-screen instructions until you get to the point where you are asked for a username and password. Enter your personal username and password in the appropriate blank. If your lab computer has a third box labeled DOMAIN, make sure ACC is selected.


If you forget your password or need to change your password, click on Password Reset under "Student Services" in the left menu.



Winthrop University uses a pay-as-you-go system where all print jobs going to a lab printer are deducted from a user's quota. The cost of a print job is deducted as soon as the job is submitted and regardless of the final outcome. In fact, print jobs that jam in the printer are still deducted from a user's quota.

At the beginning of each semester, each user quota is refreshed with a free $10 allowance. This allowance is designed to cover basic printing needs as well as all potential system problems that may happen during the semester.

Replenishing a quota is very easy and convenient. The whole process is Web based and takes effect immediately. Simply go to Print Activity and follow the instructions.


When you are finished using the computer, you must log off. You can log off by either double-clicking the LOGOFF icon on the desktop or clicking the start button, then selecting Logoff. If you do not log off, anyone can come along and access the files on your hard drive space and deplete your print quota. Winthrop University and the ACC are not responsible for accounts left logged on.